How long does it take your FRC Programming Laptop to build C++/Java in VSCODE?

I have another thread going, in which I am trying to determine why the teams programming laptop has such terrible build times in vscode. We are seeing times of 3mins or more on average, and while the PC is not a fast machine, many folks believe I may have some gremlins in this pc.

So, we may be faced with purchasing a new PC if we can’t get this laptop to perform better.

So, I am asking as many teams to share via this google form what you are seeing in terms of build times. I will share the info collected back here once I have enough responses.

This will help us select a new machine of the right specs if we do purchase a new machine.

Feel free to complete the form, and post here any ideas that you may have.

The other thread is:

I’d love to see the results of this for our own team’s buying.

We currently have a 7th gen i5 (7200u) with 8GB of RAM and a 250GB SSD, which is ok performance but I would like to see how faster and newer models do in VS Code.

On the other hand, my personal desktop (R7 2700X) flies through compiling, but is far too much for any team to hope to have.