How long have you been with your team?

Just curious, how long have you veterans been with your teams?

WPI T190: 2001-Present
BU T246: 2000
Nypro Clinton T126: 1995-1999

1998-the forseable future


my daughters and i joined the team in the 2000-2001 school year. last year my youngest and i were still hooked! she will be a junior this year so i’m seeing another year or two.

so that makes 2 so far.

I Have been on my team for at least 2 years

2001- The RoboWizards - Team 522
2002- The RoboWizards - Team 522

Our school has been involved with FIRST for 3 years
This is McKee H.S.'s 2nd year not partnered with another school and had 0 help from engineers for a second year in a row

2000- CMOS - Curtis McKee Omega Supremes - Team 371

Team 522 has made many improvements to its team ever since it broke its partership with Curtis H.S. . Us students of The McKee H.S. RoboWizards are now proud of our accomplishments that we’ve have made. Meeting the Mayor of NYC. Finishing 2nd. 2 years in a row in the NYC FIRST Regionals !. Being NYC’s #1 Robotics School. Finished 3rd in our Florida Division. We would not have gotten this far if we stayed partnered with Curtis H.S.

                                  2000 (NJ J&J Mid-Atlantic Regional)

2000- Team 371 - CMOS - Rookie of the Year
2001 (NYC FIRST Regionals)
2001- Team 522 - RoboWizards - Regional Finalist (NYC)
2001- Team 522 - RoboWizards - Delphi Driving Tomorrow’s Technology Award
2001- Team 522 - RoboWizards - Incredible Play of the Day Award
The #1 Ranked Robotics Team in NYC Public School System
The #5 Ranked School in NY State
The #3 Ranked School from over 100 Rookie Teams
2001 (FL Nationals)
2001- Team 522 - RoboWizards - Indestructible Beast (Team 1)
2001- Team 522 - RoboWizards - Smiley Face Award (Team 175)
2001- Team 522 - RoboWizards - Best Alliance Partner (Team 247)
2001- Team 522 - RoboWizards - PA Robot Challenge 4 Champions
2001 (CT Bash At The Beach)
2001- Team 522 - Bicentennial Award
2002 (NYC FIRST Regionals)
2002- Team 522 - RoboWizards - Regional Finalist (NYC)
2002- Team 522 - RoboWizards - Imagery Award
The #1 Ranked Robotics Team in NYC Public School System
We met the Mayor of NYC days after the NYC Regionals
We aired on CBS 2’s Plaza on March 23 before the NYC Regionals Began with other Teams like Teams 121 and 759.

Since the fall of '99! w00t!

I have been on team RAGE since the fall of 2000 (and yes… even with this year’s result that game was still the best).

4 years now, 1 more to go.

WOW time flies.

Lets see…

1999-2000: 263
2001: 271
2002: 810

Those are my last 4 years. :slight_smile:


since june of 2001

First year.

I have just completed my sixth season with the TRW AE first team. It’s hard to believe I’ve been doing this for that long.

If you’re wondering how I could have been doing this for 6 years yet our number is 308, it’s because the first two years were with Farmington Hills Harrison High School (not Walled Lake Schools). Back then, we were team 162 - the RoboHawks. This was our 4th year as team 308.

I’ve been on the TechnoKats since 1998.

However, when I first started at Delphi (then named Delco Electronics) in 1992, I shared a cubicle with an engineer who was designing our team’s first entry in the Maize Craze US FIRST competition in '92.

Between the years of '92 and '97 various people in my department headed up the engineering of the TechnoKats before I got involved in '98. Although I wasn’t involved with the team back then, I got to see the robots designed and heard how we did in competitions.

Finally, I settled down and got involved with the team in '98 and I’ve loved it ever since. Actually, my boss is the guy who designed the Maize Craze robot. This is great, since he understands FIRST and supports my effort and time spent away from my “real job” of designing automated production equipment.

Andy B.

Three Very Fun years,

151 - 2000 My First year, and i made Pit Crew

151 - 2001 I made Pit Crew again
Robot Seeded 8th UTC and we won a leadership in contols award, and honorable mention animation award

151 - 2002 I was selected to be the driver,
Quater finalist UTC and Engineering Inspiration
Divional Semi-Finalist Nationals

This year i say goodbye to team 151, but i will always remember my time with them.

2003 - ??? I hope to join team 229 at college.


2 years for me… so far

2001- Low rider

2002- Crunch time

Each of these robots I know intamently I can explain both game in 30 sec. a piece

I’ve got 2003 my senior year

Then in college who knows…

Ooops I forgot to tell mine

Ive been with the Technokats since the 2000 FIRST Season (That year was still my favorite game)

Last year’s game was WAY better.

I’ll be going on my 5th year.

4 Years in high school

and my 5th year will be done through college.

this was SPAM’s 5th year in existance, as well as my 5th year on the team

i can still remember the first meeting. 179 (Children of the Swamp) sent a few folks along with their '97 bot. i was hooked from the start =-]

oddly enough that’s the only thing i can recall from that year… so much pain… must have blocked it out

Team 180

I’ve been involved since the 2000 season.

DJ: I agree. I liked 2000 better than the past 2 games.