How long is your cylinder?

Here it is folks, it’s the question on everyone’s mind…no need to be shy :slight_smile:

How long is the stroke length of the longest pneumatic or gas-shock cylinder on your team’s robot?

  • No pneumatics or gas shocks
  • 0.1" - 2"
  • 3" - 5"
  • 5" - 9"
  • 10" - 15"
  • 16" - 24"
  • 25"+

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Are you asking the length of the cylinder when extended or retracted, or the stroke?

I should have been more specific…I’m inquiring about stroke length


Quite surprised by the amount of 25"+. I’m kind of jealous that your cylinders are bigger than ours. To be fair, we’re just out of that range (24").

I assume that these cylinders are for the climb. What’s the need for such long ones if level 3 is only 21" above level 1?

Edit: 19" not 21".

Gotta get your bumpers above Lv3.

Slant distance, I presume. You want to go forward/sideways as well as up.

Given that most cylinders and gas shocks are several inches longer than the stroke, you must have had fun fitting it in the starting configuration.


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We are using them on our elevator, which is also our climber. We are gonna lift 3 robots to level 3, and we are also doing a 4 hatch panel auto using 4 limelight cameras (one for each side of our robot). We also are doing 6 wheel swerve this year. This is our year my dudes.


Autonomously scoring a hatch panel which started on an alliance partner?

27% of your BOM limit right there.

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I literally can’t believe you’re being serious. If you are, what compressor and air storage tanks are you planning on using? I’d have to imagine lifting 3 robots requires at least maybe around 400 lb-ft of work, which means your cylinders have to deliver at least 100 lbs of force. That’s around a 2 in^2 bore at 60 psi. For a mechanism (elevator) that needs to actuate up and down many times a match, I’m confused about how you will supply these cylinders.

Quite interested to know your setup.

It’s possible these are gas shocks which let them run a single-stage elevator after it expands.

We are also using 48" air cylinders. We’re using this compressor swapped out for a FRC legal motor.

That weighs 100 lbs?

As a compressor, you’d need a legal compressor, not a legal motor. Let’s see, 21 gallons at 120 psi is about 16 or 17 cubic feet at ambient. Compressor max is 1.1 scfm. Don’t drain the tank between matches!

Pretty sure that’s illegal. All the air on the robot has to come from its one legal compressor (which I’m pretty sure has to be a COTS pneumatic component) and the compressor can’t deliver more than 1.1 cfm.

We are using a tank about that size too.

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How long does that take to fill with a FRC legal compressor?

I’m asking because we have large pneumatics on our robot and are exploring the best way to supply them.

~15 minutes minimum, if you can find a magic compressor with 1.1 cfm all the way up to 120 psi and 100% duty cycle.

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