How Long Should Re-Imaging cRIO Take?

How long should re-imaging the cRIO take? Ours seems to be stuck on rebooting for at least the last half hour.

It should only take 5 or so minutes. What is your network configuration?

I have it connected with the Ethernet cord like it said in the guide, configured the IP address, and turned off the firewall. It recognized the cRIO then I choose the options for Java and said apply.

I have seen this more then once with the imaging taking “hung” a very long time.

If it has been 15 minutes or more I would suggest just killing the process in the task manager (e.g. CNTL/ATL/DEL)

Saw the NI rep do this during the quick build session on Jan 5/2013!

Ethernet or crossover cable? Unless the cRIO is auto-switching, it will need a crossover cable. Our reimage took all of 2 minutes.

Using a 4-slot cRIO we ran into the same problem, stuck on the rebooting cRIO step. Tried it several times, killing it with the task manager after several minutes each time. I was using the pink crossover cable that came in the kit before for use with the camera. Finally we tried connecting to the cRIO through a router (wired…not wireless) and turning the console out dip switch to off and it worked. Had seen this suggestion for the router in a google search, the idea being that Windows can turn off the ethernet port on the PC when the cRIO reboots. We were very happy to see it work but then we weren’t sure if it was the router or the console out switch change that made it work. So we turned the console out back on and it still worked. Finally we removed the router, left the console out on (original configuration) and it worked… So now we are not sure what exactly made it start working.