How Los Pollos Locos Makes Dinner

Ten hours in a cafeteria, 17 steps, a huge pile of parts from an old science project catapult to a busted steering component from a Cadillac DTS, and probably about 40 failed attempts…all to nuke a microwave dinner for a fundraising project.

Ladies and gentlemen, THIS is the future of cooking. (Or at least the future of Los Pollos Locos.)

Does Los Pollos know something about this year’s game that we don’t? (Rube Goldberg game, anyone? Explains the massive amounts of field pallets Bill reported.)

Or is OK Go replacing as the musical face of FIRST?

Best offseason project EVER!

We on 2815 know neither. What we do know is that completing a full run of a Rube Goldberg machine is an exercise in patience that proved eerily reminiscent of our Friday at Peachtree this year. But the way the team developed processes and checks (leaving gaps in the dominos until everyone’s clear, fine-tuning the finger that pokes the button, adjusting the catapult’s direction and placement, flipping the toy car over when it’s not armed…) was a nice parallel to what a team in FRC has to do in order to be successful.

Try it if you’ve got a Saturday to burn!

ABSOLUTELY BRILLANT marketing ploy. I’m sure we will steal (I mean be inspired by) you!!!

Great video Billfred, and definitely a valuable experience for the team. By that, I mean that teamwork, calculations, trial-and-error, mechanisms, methods and even a goal were all considered: Just like building a winning robot.

Not to mention it’s a great marketing piece.
<sigh> if ONLY someone on 2815 had a college degree in Marketing…:stuck_out_tongue:

Calculations? Us? You must be new here. (I kid with regard to the robot, but this video was entirely eyeballed and held together with rope and packing tape. Especially that blasted catapult, which caused countless retakes.) There were also some things we just couldn’t calculate, like the precise aim of the finger on the skateboard (held on by packaging tape and fishing line) that hit the start button (on an older microwave). There was an attempt just a few minutes prior to the one we published where the entire machine worked up to the finger, which was just a hair off. After ten hours of work in that cafeteria, we were all a little frazzled…but we knew we couldn’t leave without getting this thing to work one freaking time.

Not to mention it’s a great marketing piece.
<sigh> if ONLY someone on 2815 had a college degree in Marketing…:stuck_out_tongue:
Who’s that knucklehead? :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s very great,all I can say is really awesome… :eek:

Using the term loosely…


He reached in and grabbed the food without gloves! Burn hazard! :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, you made a small mistake in your grammers. You wrote “We want hang more banners…” Poor little “to” is always over looked! (Don’t worry, i just read an email i sent and did the same thing.)

But that looked great! Well, the contraption did…The food, well…it’s no Taco Bell. :smiley:

I noticed the exact same thing this morning when showing it to a co-worker…and here I was hoping I was the only person! I’ll be re-uploading the video tonight with the fix, and perhaps a compilation of our greatest misses. (Screen after screen of videos on my phone…)

There appears to be a subtle message subliminally placed while the food is being heated. I would have missed it were I not exceptionally clever.