How low do you go?

Well we have ended up with a chassis that is just 3/8" off the floor… Now to just get some electronics done and we should be rolling along!!

Be careful of that “BUMP” in the center of the field!!

Will that clear the 1/2 inch bump on the “lane markers”? Looks pretty cool through.

It does look awesome! Did you guys plan on it being so low as part of the design or did it just happen that way? I hope it isn’t too low… :stuck_out_tongue:

we planed in 1" of clearance for the bump so we don’t get hung up on that…

Our chassis is also low to the ground this year (about 1"). I would warn you that 3/8" is in my mind a very bad idea. Many things fall off robots during competition especially bolts. At 3/8" your robot could be high centered (or damaged) by a 1/4" bolt. Also the 1/2in bump in the center of the field could a major issue–I would recommend that if at all possible you modify your design.

I see you’re using acetal sprockets. How well do those hold up to competition?

I’ve seen a few teams solely use them in their drivetrain; Out of the few I talked with, only one team had issues. I believe they had Acetal sprockets without metal hubs and cut keyways into that; those keyways eventually failed. The other teams used the metal hubbed ones or attached them with bolts/pins to the wheels in a dead axle application.

We’re going to come up with a way to get a little more clearance just for precautionary measures.

Acetal sprockets?? We have use them many times before, but usually in a dead axle configuration. This is the first time we’ve tried it on a live axle. But also it is the first time we have gone with Hex axles. I doubt the Acetal will fail on 1/2" hex. Got to love those DuMont Hex broaches!! We have had them for two years now and finally get to use them :slight_smile: