how make room on dash - bigger for new indicators

Hi All

trying to make room on dash for new indicators:

  • resize dash, I can resize in debug mode for larger screep lap top as driver sation, but when run as .exe, seems to default back to original size. Played with control panal display, but only get what resilution allows, does not help much… is it feasible to resize dash?

  • Alan said his team made control tab, put debug indicators in that tab, created another tab, put desired indicators there… thanx Alan… but seached how to do this in help, still can not find the TAB control… also stepped thru every pallet… Can someone tel me how? Help indicated under ‘generic’, but right click on screen still can not find generic ontrols option


Towards the left and bottom of the Dashboard diagram i think you’ll find code that checks if the login name is Driver and sets the window position and size. Update the code or delete it.

Greg Mckaskle

Thanx Greg, awesome

  • can you still help where to find tab control, would like to try and put defaulut indicators in it as someone recommended

Open up Dashboard and right click. Go to Modern>>Containers>>Tab Control. You can right click these tabs to add or delete “Pages”. To write in them, create a text box and move it into the desired tab. You can also drop indicators onto tabs.

Thank You Dominick…