How many are going to competition without a team?

Since I am going to Silicon valley regional, southern california regional, and Nationals without a team of my own, I am wondering how many other people are doing the same thing?

How do you plan to make the most out of your time there, without a robot to compete?

How many of you are going to Nationals without your team because of the qualification for Nationals this year?

And, are you planning to wear your team’s shirt, or just normal clothing?

Are you willing to cheer for other teams at those competition?

I’m on a team that’s going to nationals but wanted to let you know that you can hang with our team! I look forward to meeting you in person. :slight_smile:


Well I’m not technically on a team anymore, I don’t have the time, but I still managed to make it to KSC and I hope to make it to Nationals. I’ve always supported every team and been willing to give a hand to anyone, but you’ll usually find me with my former team simply because I know them well and they’ll get me passes/armbands/etc.

I currently have a team but I was at the VCU regional without them. I found plenty of teams to cheer for and things to do that were helpful to teams. I got to hang out with my old team, heh 122, as well as 401 and 825. While I was at VCU I was wearing plain clothing. Ken, you know you can always hang out with team 86 or any of the other teams I’ll be with! You get mad props too while we’re at nats. I’ll be lookig for you again this year.


        You are also welcome to hang out with us at Nationals. I dont know if you did belong to a team last year or not but if you dont havea team shirt,  we will probably have one for you

Thanks for the offering. I would love to hang out with teams at National. If I managed to find when is who’s matches at which field, I will make sure I get down there to cheer. There are so many teams I want to cheer with, as long as they don’t mine a red hair jumping up and down trying to learn the cheer.

Mean while, I am looking for teams shirt too, so I can at least show some team spirit at competition. :wink: Are you willing to sell me one of your team shirt?

Anyone care to join me?

You don’t know me personally, but i know you know Sean and my brother (joe ross) and probably other people on our team. Beach 'Bot would be so thrilled if you would wear our team shirt to a competition. We are selling ours to people at our school for $15, so if you want one, e-mail me ( or someone else on our team and let us know what size. I could have it for you at the sj regional. Anyone else, you could buy one too, or trade me for one of yours (i wear a small). I am going to SoCal regional, San Jose regional, and probably nationals too.
Amy Ross, student leader of team relations for Beach 'Bot, t. 330