how many balls have YOU deflated?

well, now that a few regionals have come and gone, i’d like to know how many balls your robot has deflated.

we popped both a 5 point and 2x ball in qualifying matches, and while testing our gripper with our own 2x ball on the practice field, it slipped, fell, and popped on our goal latch hooks. a few teams were watching (i think spam, demo squad, and a few others), and a sympathetic “awww” could be heard.

so how about you?

we popped one in the semi’s (i think) at GLR. we were just pushing it down into the goal and we ripped a hole right in the side of it…bad angle i guess

Haven’t be in competion yet, but did kill the big ball with our arm, it has some drill rod that didn’t get dremmeled off yet before shipping, and they were taking it for a last minute drive before putting it in the shipping box. I didn’t see it just heard the story. :ahh:

Team 535 popped the first 2X ball in St Louis. One of our zip ties got the 2X ball at the end of the match when we where trying to cap the big goal, the 2X ball deflated to the ground… Refs came over with a small purple ball trying to blame us for popping those balls too, but I think we got him to get his story straight and we only knew of the 2X ball we popped at the end of our match.

i know that our driver popped one of the 5 points ball during the qulification matches…

I think we managed to kill 2 2x multipliers and one 5 pt ball. If this is incorrect, someone let me know so I can add it to the tally :slight_smile:

We haven’t competed yet, or killed any balls with our robot during practice. But…

A few weeks back, three of the guys on my team were throwing around one of the 30" balls. The ball hit the corner of a rolling cart that was in the room…and popped. They tried to repair the damage first with tape and then with staples (!). Unfortunately for them, that didn’t work. :smiley:

Also, during human player tryouts, we were using a rolling gate that collapes like an accordion for our “wall.” The points on top of the gate are rather pointy. One of the 13" balls hit the gate, and is no longer with us… :slight_smile:

We managed to account for two 2X balls that where pushed into our goal grabber by another robot during elimnations in one game. Before the UCF regional our HP’s were practicing and poped atleast two or three of the 5pt balls on the ceiling of our shop.

During hp practice at our school we popped one of the 30" balls and four of the 13" balls. I repaired three of the 13" ones with an inner tube repair kit from NAPA only to have two of them get popped again. I think FIRST should have had us throwing lightbulbs instead, they’d hold up better. :stuck_out_tongue:

That was us… but we pushed you from the back… not from the front of your bot where you were trying to grab your 2x… I THINK!

Yeah, Eric is right…they sure did

461 Popped the ball, not us :slight_smile: 831kb

I don’t remember seeing that one pop…maybe I should chalk up 3 2x balls. :smiley: ooopsie.


That one on the video I think is the only one we popped… I know I didn’t see the other 2 you’re talking about!

We defintely got the file out on after that match and took care of our “dangerous” robot. :stuck_out_tongue:


We didn’t pop any at competetion… but there is an engineer on the team who has a i think 5 year old son. Whenever he came to meetings, all he would do is play with the 13" balls. Between bouncing them on nails, throwing them on the roof, and various other things, i think he popped about 5.

I thought that we had popped another by a mobile goal a couple times…maybe there were just too many robots and so much action to tell who popped which ones.

I think that we ripped open 3 or 4 5pt. balls at the Pittsburgh Regional.

Can you really count that? It looks like the goal popped that one, not the robot.

Would it still have counted as a 2X?

I think team 422 gets credit for popping the first 5pt ball in a practice round… We were testing several methods of getting up the 6 in. platform at the DC practice arena, and having succeeded in getting up one way we went off the platform full-tilt to try another way and landed on a 5pt ball, causing it to explode underneath us and send us on our side. Ever since then we have nicknamed them “land mines” since they explode underneath your robot. Needless to say, when we got back from Washington the first thing on our lists to fix was an “anti-land mine” device.

Deflated one in the practice rounds, still managed to get hold of another multiplier and cap. Popped another in qualifieing rounds, and yet again, grapped the other to cap.

2 - 2x balls…

1 zip tie = fixed

1 chain against big ball = fixed

no ball popping at UTC =D