How many builds have you missed?

Just wondering how many other teams get into situations like us, where our roads were closed for a week, no school, and no way to get to build. This was all last week for us due to weather… each year we have missed 3-5 days due to bad weather. we are at 7 days right now… a record time off the job for our team, and the weather doesn’t look to be the greatest this next and last week. The result for our team in past has been anywhere from shipping an untested robot (last year our robot hadn’t driven more then 5 feet before shipping) to a somewhat tested robot, never anything fancy on encoders etc.

well if things go bad for you guys, we will be at the regional you guys will be, so if you need a hand or anything don’t hesitate to call on us (me more specifically) if you need a hand to get ready. We had to do the same type of thing two years ago when we were still building during our practice rounds so had no practice at all ( you might remember us as the red sissor lift that always fell over lol :p) so again if you need a hand ask away lol

1646 didn’t meet one day because we had like, a ton of snow in one day and streets couldn’t be cleaned. But after that, it’s been gravy.

We’ve got lucky this year - I might be speaking too soon, there might be a blizzard on Tuesday, so we might lose Wednesday…

oh I forgot to mention, ironically this year even though we missed the most days so far we have probably the most done (as far as where we would be in past years…) and the past two years we haven’t missed a single match… (practice or qualifier) mechanically we always have something to go with… its just we are a smaller team so we don’t have the man power to make a separate practice bots, really the autonomous is what lacks in most cases… last year I only had a couple hours alone with the finished robot, this year however I get almost this whole week(assuming we get a solution to this banebot gearbox problem), which makes me happy. But thank you for the offer, but it won’t be needed.

cool cool, no problem, We are actually capable of competing this time around, and I’m sure we will be more of an asset for people lol. I really like our teams progress this year, so we have time to spare ( in a manner of speaking )