How many cameras can the robot have?

I´ve searched on the game manual but it doesn´t specify if how many, does that mean as much as we want??:confused:

I do not think that there is a camera limit. However, there is weight, power draw and available bandwidth that will haunt you if you have more than ~2-3 cameras!

thanks :wink:

You’re welcome! What competitions are you going to? Are you attending the Phoenix Regionals?

No, there will be a regional here in mexico :slight_smile:

Weight: A small camera is under a pound. You would not run into this limit until you had like 100 cameras.

Power draw: I’ve read the power that a webcam uses is about 125 mW. If you limit your cameras power consumption to 40W, which is less than a single motor can use, then power isn’t a limit until you have 320 cameras.

Bandwidth: Cameras can be configured not to send data back to the driver station. Therefore the available bandwidth can support an unlimited number of cameras.

Has no one remembered the cost limit? BTW, all cameras even those not used for robot function, must be securely mounted to the robot.
Duct Tape is not a fastener.

Since the camera is a KOP item, isn’t it exempt from the cost limit?

There was a maximum quantity of 1 per team for the AXIS M1013 on FIRSTChoice. Doesn’t this mean that only 1 unit can be exempted from the total cost limit?

R10 Blue box says KOP items are exempt in any quantity.

The question wasn’t “how many KOP cameras”.

9001 cameras

You can have an indefinite number of cameras, the bandwidth is not an issue if you switch between camera feeds and/or do all image processing on board. I have heard of multiple teams using a raspberry pi for image recognition.

You would need one hell of an Ethernet switch to support 9001 cameras (perhaps an entire server rack)

No one ever said the cameras had to do anything.

Intimidation is a powerful force

Might as well make them a weight filler to get to the 120 lb limit :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Has anybody else considered this for FRC use? :stuck_out_tongue:

Pigeon guided missile system

I’m surprised teams that have eyes on their robot (I’m looking at you 1986 and 931-from 2011) but cameras there are well if they have weight. I think that’d be cool, but that’s just be.

Using cameras to get more weight? Do teams really add stuff to add to their weight? I feel the density of a camera would make it very inefficient. But hey, it sure would look cool.