How many can you cap in 2:00 Minutes?

How many tetras can your team team cap on a center goal in two minutes

We were messing around on Monday driving and capping we got like 6 on a center goal in 2:00 mins using a human player like we would in competition. We really didn’t time on the small goals but we can still cap them

5ish here, with consideration of the obstacles that we put on the practice field.


we were timing ourselves from the auto loader and we can cap approach the station from 10 or so feet away and take it off and cap on the samller goal, in about 12 seconds. We did a two minute trial and our worst one got four (it was on tile and if you have seen our omniwheels it doesnt work tell on it.

human player- 5
other loading place- 6-7

i have no idea how many tetras we can stack…didnt even know that we finished building the arm yet. :stuck_out_tongue:

u cant take tetras from the loading stations from 10 feet away
u have to be on the yellow triangle

we can cap one about every 7 seconds from auto loader and one every 10 seconds with human loader

WOW, you guys capped 17 in 2 minutes? or are you guessing off your best run to a close goal? Are you making a stack before you cap?

Ours capped 12 random goals and that was a flawless run - no mistakes at full high speed - they were “in the zone” - no defense or anything. I can’t imagine that happening during a match. But I found it hard to believe another design could do much better. Our drivers (Tytus and Amanda) are amazing. Last year they had a lot of experience capping. This year they seem even more in sync. Their average was 10 per 2 minutes. They did this about 40 - 2 minute matches.

But just getting the tets off the loaders and into play faster than that seems extreme. Although I suppose if they just kept capping the closest goals to the loader they could go faster but that won’t score rows in a match.

We were able to get 5-6 from autoloader while having chairs thrown around as obstacles

We haven’t had that much time to practice. We still aren’t finished with the programming. Plus almost any time we try to test it, we end up burning out our Fisher Price. However i think we fixed it with our ghetto-fabulous ratchet mechanism.

Judging by the little practice that we did get, i would say that we can get maybe five or six. That was without obstacles thoug, so it probably isn’t very accurate.

I would like to say me team could cap 2 in 20 seconds and this is with a flawless run… I have hopes my team could do better. In short if I were to estimate with obsticals and other robots to push around cough I mean in our way… I would like to say we could do around 16 ish with rows… Oh wait… thats all the auto loaders hold isnt it… Hmmm… And yes I am takiing into consideration leagal limts of retrieving tetras…

Are judges going to attempt to reload the auto loader side if we run out… We have a mad arm system this year… :smiley:

We got a solid 1 down before our robot blew up…our new goal 42,563… a little lofty perhaps but our FIRST mantra has always been nothing is impossible

we can get about 3-6 in 2:00 depends on how quick we can get the tetras from the loading station

No it wasnt a close guess. We really can

I would like to see robots capping a goal that already has a least 5 or more

Team 61 can cap 9 in 2 mins and be back in the end zone. This is with the auto loader only.

this is going to different goals each time. We slow down a little when we have to go and cap a goal that already has 5 goals. How many can cap at 12 feet or even 16 feet up.

the question should be can you cap a goal while pushing your opponents away.

The good robots will be able to score while pushing others out of there way.

Based on what we learned at the scrimmage Team 230 can stack 9 tetras. 3 tetra at once on three goals around the field and we normally have 15 seconds left after we had done that. It is possible for us to stack more than that but we have to have tetras available.

In a perfect world 1276 could score 12-14 tetras in a match. I am almost positive the highest amount we will ever score with interference will be 8. :frowning: