How many developed websites do you own?

How many developed websites do you own? I have 4. And you?

what do you mean by developed? if you mean you designed tham and now maintain them then i have 1 for my self, 1 for my friends (its a forum), 1 for the green team 885 (along with forums, galleries, filesharing…),one for 1 of my teachers businesses, and 1 for my parents business. my sister also has a site im helping her learn how to code and design.


Only two right now. But at one point I think it was 4. I do own 9 domains though.

I own one domain and one website.

I also have one domain and website.

I don’t actually own any websites, however I am currently doing design, development, and management for 5 different sites. I don’t own any domains of my own mainly because I’m not sure what I’d do with one if I had it.

I have two domains and two websites. One of them gets a lot of hits from Asia because of some game or anime show, but since none of the referrals are in English, I just can’t tell what it is.


2 sites, one domain. However, I haven’t updated either site in a quite a long time… Now I just use it for filehosting.