How many devices can we have on a CAN network?

Hello again, my team’s electrical is having a CAN issue where we have about 12 devices on the network that works and shows up on the REV hardware client,
but the moment we plug in a 13th device into the network, all the CAN devices that were previously discovered, are no longer showing on the CAN network, and we may think we’re hitting a CAN utilization error, but unsure.

Resolved by replacing the one CANcoder that seemed to be causing the issue

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Going from 12 to 13 devices definitely shouldn’t change the functionality of all others.

Do lights on the other devices change in any way when the 13th is plugged in?

According to their profiles on here, @ThomasU is on the same team as @Nek, so i think the problem is resolved at this point.

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