How many devices on canbus can you realistically have before storming becomes a possiblity?

Good evening,

Our team is wondering how many canbus devices teams have on one loop without any storming. Right now we have about 15 canbus devices (8 for swerve motors, 4 for cancoders, and 3 for other motors) but we want to add a few more devices to the canbus but we’re worried about the potential for canbus storms because last time we had ~16 devices on one loop, we would have a significant amount of canbus storms and it would us to not drive for multiple matches. I just wanna know how many canbus devices other teams use and how they avoid canbus storms.

If you don’t want your CAN to get totally blown up, configure status frame update frequencies.

Generally the idea is to set all status frames you don’t need data from to the highest acceptable number (32767ms for REV, idk the max for CTRE)