How many do you think fit in the trailer??

Tell me…

me 16-23

The real question is not how many fit in the trailer, but how many can be scored on the trailer. There is a difference.

Thanks Eric, you said what I was going to.

I got 20-21

but more likely score 18 consistently

Count for yourself and extrapolate for the ones you cannot see.](

it looks to me like 6 per row times 4 rows so about 24 easily. Then u could keep adding on the tall side, assuming the robot the tailer is attached to isnt able to sling the balls out. And balls can hook on the polls. So I’d say its physically possible to score 40+ on the thing, but not very likely. Mid 20’s would probabilly be more accurate in a match

ehh it depends how many are Skewered on the side poles. i would guess no more then18 inside