How many drivers do you have?

Our team decided on two drivers this year, one for the arm, and one for the actual driving. If you’r using one, how do you manage to control both?

We have 2 robot arms. So the primary driver controls the drive and one arm (our capping arm). The other driver (me) controls our turret arm. Its not hard for the driver to control an arm and drive but it does effect the speed with which the driver works.

Lots of people know that RAGE is a red plywood base (base driver) and a large metal arm (arm driver…)

thus we have 2, but we also have a b team, so…4?

Two drivers is alot better then only having one. With an arm operator and a driver it enables the driver to focus only on driving and positioning for capping. This allows to arm operator to effectively and quickly cap a goal with minimal time and effort, my thoughts anyways. Just have to have two people that work well together =).

We have 2. Jon our main driver, controlls. And I for the second year in a row have controlled the arms, mostly do to the fact that I am the captain of the arm group and designed and built the the arms.

We have two drivers. We have one for our base and one for the upper body. This allows for both of them to be running independently. Our coach keeps them working together.

In our team we have 4 drivers. We have two operators and two chasis drivers. We alternate drive team every match, since both teams are just as good that’s what our mentors decided to do. I’m one of the chasis drivers and it actually works relly good because you get time to relax at the stands and to look at your robot from a different point of view (also the other bots).
Even at the finals we were switching drivers, it was great.


im the base driver for our team. the arm on our robot only goes up and down so the arm driver can usually only moved on the way to the loading station and once we got to the goal. so having an arm driver for our team was like having another coach out there. its very helpful to have two people watchin whats happening on the field and telling me where to go or what to do next.

MOE has one arm driver(Carlo), one Chasis driver(Matt) and a Human player(Agam a.k.a Hollywood).
We have back up drivers in case something happens to the drivers.
We also have a Adult coach.

Our team has two drivers!!! One controls the tower and the tetra mechanism, and the other does the driving!!!

This year, 1293 had one driver (a junior), one arm operator (a senior, I think), two coaches (our coach and myself), and a rotating group of human players (of all grades, but all with one thing in common–no penalties!).

we truely have only one driver and operator… this year we have a student coach…and had 3 different human players but scott is pretty much the one we use. having only one driver and operator isn’t the best since they are leaving after this year. our operator was starting to get sick in final rounds @ palmetto and almost feared to have to replace him… :ahh:

it’s best to have more than one driver and operator for sure and start training the rookies…

I’ve been on my team for about 4 years now and each year we had one driver to drive the robot and one operator to handle all the bells and whistles on the robot. We also had a second driver and operator to alternate with the first. This made things easier to do because if one team wasn’t feeling well, needed a break, or wasn’t as good at something as the other drive team for a perticular match, we’d switch drive teams for the match(es). We’d normally narrow it down to just one team though by the time finals rolled around. That decision was normally made by the two drive teams though.

We have 2 main drivers, and 2 back up drivers just in case one of us dies or something. Im the main driver for the chasis and my partner jeff controls the lift and drops the tetra! Alot of teamwork is required to get everything syncronated.

We also have 2 main drivers one for arm and one for driving. We also have 2 back up drivers just in case.

We have two drivers this year, due to the idea that the game might be too complex for one person to play. Bharat does the arm manipulation while i drive the base. We were very close to having myself control the whole robot and have two coaches on the field, but like i said, we decided not to.

2 Drivers. I control the turret on the ARM, and the lift mechanism it’s self. Brian navigates the robot on the field from the goal to the human loader. We seem to work/communicate pretty well together (no dropped tetras becuase they flew off while driving/moving the lift). We don’t have a 2nd team becuase we feel the drivers need as much experience as possible.

There’s two different controllers that lift our “arm” up to put a tetra on the 'bot. So I would think one person drove, another person did the “arm”.

Our robot is one of those “accordian” robots…See here.

We have 2 drivers just like pretty much every other team, we have a base driver and an arm operator (me) this i believe is much better than one driver.

with 2 drivers the robot can do things simoltaneously, such as move towards a goal and position it self while lifting up the arm and positining it

We have 2, driver (Tom) and operator (Me). He drives us around the field, I cap goals and pick up tetras, we work pretty well together under the direction of our coach.