How many drivers?

During a gameplay, how many drivers will there be? Including the Robocoach.

And can we switch drivers after every match?

I’m almost positive that there are 4 “drivers”. One for driving, one for arm, one coach, and one robocoach. You can switch every match if I’m not mistaken.

Yep. All the drivers (operators) must be pre-college students, with the exception of the coach, who may be an adult or a student. No rules on how many times you can change.

There are two drivers who can touch the controls, One Robo-Coach who will use a remote and a Coach who gives strategy. The drivers and Robo-Coach have to be non-college students, I’m pretty sure, and the coach can be anyone. Under Section 7 “the game” under definitions you can see what a Driver, Robo-Coach and Coach are defined as.

You can switch between as many drivers, Robo-Coach’s, and Coach’s as you want. You also have to be careful about who is doing what. You get buttons at your first regional that will say Driver, Robo-Coach and Coach. Last year at Boilermaker a team was disqualified for having a coach drive the whole match. He was a student but had the wrong buttons on. That is something you don’t want to do.

However, the coach cannot touch the controllers throughout game play at all.

or the Control Board or any wires leading to that board. I DQ’ed my team at an off season event by hitting the reset button for them. I didn’t know that was part of the “controls” at that time.