How many Everybots have we seen already?

For the Durham College district event, I’ve seen 2 robots - 6070, 6977.
Also I’ve seen a couple at the Dallas Regionals, don’t remember which teams though. One was 6901 if I remember.

FRC 7322 from Yucca Valley CA built the Everybot. They will be at OC Regional week 4

I think there were two at GNR.

I think 3355 made it to the #6 alliance captain spot at Dallas with an Everybot-type machine.

5740 was a very effective everybot at MVR.

The answer is not enough!

+1. It was amazing to see how in quals, even powerhouse teams were not immune to being Everybotted.

Not anywhere near enough.


I remember at least one at palmetto, don’t recall the number though

Our newest Charlotte team 6894 was inspired to make a similar everybot and be a devastating one trick pony. Opposing switch cycles are down to about 4-5 secs a cube with the new ruling on the switch. Maybe better with practice… I have yet to see any other teams in our area go that route and nothing at Palmetto appeared to perform like everybot. As a rookie I think this was the right choice!

It’s great to see everybots but what impressed me even more was how many robots I saw in the vein of the WCP MCC.

1797, who’s currently competing at Shenzhen, has an Everybot.

EDIT: There’s actually quite a few at Shenzhen, I’ll update this later if I can catch their numbers.

7200 was running an Everybot at the Ontario Georgian district last weekend. They finished ranked 10th as the highest seeded rookie and went on to captain the #7 alliance. I’m hoping to see more of these as the season progresses.

6993 is running a everyday bot here in hub city

Want to say it was 4582. But yes, one traditional Everybot was in Myrtle Beach.

That’s correct! We had a great Regional! Thanks to Ethan and 118!!