How many First Choice Credits ?

I thought I read that FIRST was supposed to announced how many credits each team would get for FIRST CHOICE at the kickoff. Anyone know ?

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What is a FIRST Credit and how many do I get?
A FIRST Credit is a made up value based on the number of teams, and quantity of parts available. The number of FIRST Credits available to all teams and the FIRST Credit value of each item might be revealed during kickoff, or you may just have to wait until you login for the first time. Each team will get the same number of FIRST Credits. But if you watch the video closely, you’ll see the point value of parts, and I’ll give you a hint, you get 100 Credits to start!

Thanks. Nicely hidden in the fine print :slight_smile:

You’re right, it’s hidden in the fine print. We didn’t really mean to do that. We’re gonna list it right on the ordering page. It is 100 FIRST Credits.

t-9 minutes 'til FIRST Choice opens.


My counter says 38 minutes and counting and it is 11:19 CST here in Austin, Texas.

Andy - wonderful job.

Got what we needed, and actually got a bit more than we expected.

The site was fast with no lagging for my order, and even now as I refresh it it’s responsive and lively.

First Choice = A+ for us.

I do worry about some of the low quantities though. The hot ticket items are sure to sell out quickly.

It seems to be using your local clock, not EST.

It’s live now for everyone. We didn’t tell our graphical countdown timer about time zones, but the website is open for ordering. The countdown timer is now gone.


Thanks Andy ! We mentors need everything clear and in large letters :slight_smile:

Successfully completed our First Choice. Did have a couple of glitches and lost out on the compressor as a result but not a super disaster. (Credit Usage counter lost sync with cart if item deleted from cart). Eventually figured out to log out and log in again and start over (quickly :). Also lost some time when I thought our TIMS password was the one to use for FC but that failed, I eventually figured out there was FC specific one in our TIMS record.

FC must be a ton of work for AM.

Thanks, Dave. The credit here goes to Brant Bowen, Jerry Budd, and Daniel Bravo here at AndyMark for working closely with FIRST on this program and for making the software work.

Andy Baker

Not working for me?? I just get a blank page at:

Can anyone help?

Had a problem at checkout, not sure what happened but I can’t get back in and i’m not sure if my order was processed properly.

Yep. Our text was big enough that you had to scroll down to see the login area. Now, the login area is above the text. (But, please still read the text!)

Try to log back in using the same account you did to place the FIRST Choice order, and check to see your past orders. If there is not one there, then it didn’t get placed and you will need to please place the order as it’s your first time.


100 - Seems like pneumatic parts going first. Not sure if they were in low qty or just popular.

Thanks, everything went through fine. Thanks Andy

I keep getting a generic error saying that ther was an error with my order and to log out/try again. repeated a few times.

What am I doing wrong?

I logged in at work and got a blank page on the ordering page, but I figured it was some kind of company firewall issue here. So I used my iPhone, which is fine except we are team 2973 so I had to scroll through a couple thousand team choices before picking ours from the pull down menu. Other than that, great selection of stuff - nice to have the van door motors back for those high torque low speed applications. Surprised to see batteries still available this morning.

We got our order in last night. Ended up with a very nice order, more than we expected.

Good work AM + the KOP engineers up in Manchester.


Be careful about adding things to your cart. We lost twenty credits after removing some items. Hope to get it resolved but know AndyMark must be swamped.

Got our order in and added a few extra things we wanted. Here’s hoping the orders can get shipped fast given the large number of orders that I suspect they are getting today. Andy and his crew are the best over there, never had any issues in the past 3 years since I have been in charge of ordering parts. Emily has especially been great to work with.