How many fouls would this be?

insane practice match

Here’s a practice match with 2423, 246, and 6328. Ignore the bumper colors, 6328 is by themselves on red, while 2423, 246, and 6328’s crab bot are on blue. (Note that 246 is playing offense and is not taking part in our crazy fouling.)

The first half of the video is mostly normal, but watch for when 6328 goes into the blue loading zone and my alliance starts fouling on purpose. Would love to know how many fouls this actually is on both alliances lmao

EDIT: fouls if it was hypothetically a real match, and thank you 246 and 6328 for such a fun practice today!!!

EDIT 2: my teammate wants y’all to know that they were waving a deflated cube like a referee flag at 2423 for the entire match.

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Is this a trick question?

There are no fouls in a Practice Match. Because there are no Referees to flag them.


(If it hypothetically WAS a real match)

Hmm. Glad I don’t have to referee from behind the glass — those sight lines are terrible. Columns in the field don’t help either.

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I think my teammate took a second video, let me try to link it.

Hopefully this link works: practice match second view - YouTube

FYI, this was probably the most fun practice match we’ve ever done. Thanks 6328 and 246!!!

Looks like lots of fun!

The numberless robot in red bumpers seems to committing quite a few fouls. The number and type would depends on whether it is actually playing as a red robot or a blue one.

This happens in “real” Practice Matches also. Referees don’t even try to call fouls in those, or if they do it is just to test the scoring panels. I’ve also seen FTAs press panel buttons as fast as possible during Practice Matches, to test them, or to create amusing/ridiculous audience displays.

The numberless red robot is 6328’s main robot (named Banana Split), and they are by themselves on red in this match.

Also, after this match all 3 teams worked together to re-tape the field. The carpet barely survived!

Hopefully y’all can see this matchup again (but for real this time) at the NE WPI event in week 5!!

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During practice matches in the last few years we’ve been using them as rehearsals for the real thing. Practice matches for the referees are the only time you get on the field to also practice working together and making sure that you’re finding edge cases and continuing to understand the rules before qualification matches start.

Gone are the days of Thursday practice matches with no referees or fouls - and it’s been that way since at least 2019 in my area.

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What is this “Thursday” you speak of?

I dimly recall something by that name. But not since 2008 …

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At regionals, the zebras tend to use the practice day as practice, too. Also a chance to correct certain behaviors before some excited kid gets their team a real yellow card by doing a running jump over the rail.


Red card?

A team at North Shore yesterday got a yellow card for stepping over the gate, so apparently not.

Flying leap, not stepping over.

Blue box of H201:

b. jumping over the guardrail,


Still only a yellow, same rule.

Just skips the warning.

Yellow card first offence. This happened to our Coach when all the gates were closed while he was still on the field.
Red for second offence.

More from the blue box

There are certain behaviors that automatically result in a YELLOW or RED CARD

So it could be either.

Most HRs I know would stick with a yellow unless it was particularly bad, for a first offense of that nature.

@Wayne_Doenges The penalty structure is actually:
First offense, warning–H104.
Second offense, Yellow Card–H104.
Third offense, second Yellow Card (Red Card result).
Egregious violations–e.g. jumping–skip the warning and go straight to cards, and like I said most HRs would start with yellow, particularly on practice day.