How many FRC teams are going?

The FIRST homepage has changed to reflect Georgia, and lists 465 robots.

So is that just FRC, or FRC, FLL, and FVC, combined.

We have about 320 confirmed teams from FRC going, 15 pending, and 15 for “Open Capacity.”

FIRST hasn’t exactly made it clear on exactly how many teams from FRC can go, so for those on the waitlist, how many spots really exist?

There’s 320 registered for FRC.
15 pending for FRC.
And 15 “Open Capacity” for FRC.
FLL mentions 80 teams going, but I count 83 in the official team roster.
For FVC I count 32 teams in the list.

That DOES add together to 465, but I’m hoping someone else could confirm this as well. Does this mean just 15 teams from the waiting list will go?

There are 83 official FLL teams, plus one extra team invited to round out the field to an even 84.