How many fully scored fields will we see this year?

With FiT and PNW DCMPs showing off some triple scoring alliances in quals and elims who have been very close to full fields, will we see any full fields scored? Without null hatch panels?

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  • less than 5
  • 5-10
  • almost every match in elims at champs

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We will not see a full scored field without null hatches this year. Maybe at IRI in a random quals match, but even then.


The usual trend is that DCMPS have some of the highest scoring matches, with champs scores holding steady or dropping a bit due to heavier defense. If it happens, it’ll be at Michigan champs.

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I could see it happening at a district championship. I know NE DCMP has a lot of really high scoring teams with few defense bots making it to the champs. I could see by elims on a powerhouse alliance two teams soloing their own rocket while the other one does the cargo ship. Though it’s gonna depend on defense, and effective sandstorms. If teams begin to master a double hatch sandstorm on the cargoship I can definitely see itemphasized text

I think we may see it at worlds with a Cinderella alliance or offseason events. If you look at extremely high scoring events on TBA you’ll see that there are generally still multiple scoring locations available, in real games where defensive play is taking place.

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We won’t, simply because teams won’t do no null hatches. We will see full fields, but not without nulls.


Without null hatch panels it would be very difficult even with 3 fast scoring robots because of the coordination at the feeder station. Otherwise, without defense, I think it can happen. 230 and 195 were 4 game pieces away from completing the field during Finals 2 at NE Hartford.


I expect at least a few alliances to request no null hatches, in expectation of being able to score everything. Because of defense, I don’t expect many to score on all 40 sites, especially in elims…1 to 4 seems about right to me.

1678/3476 can easily do the entire rocket if left alone. We played Def. on them otherwise that would the case.

What’s a “Cinderella alliance”?

A quals alliances that could never happen in elims due to the serpentine. Like if 148/118,1678 were in a quals match together.


An alliance with at least two extremely strong / elite scoring bots and a very capable third bot. If they are up against three middle of the road bots with less agility or not as powerful of a drivetrain, they can overpower them and potentially utterly dominate the field.

It’s just a term I came up with on the fly, should have explained it in the original post :slight_smile:

This is what I would consider an impossible alliance.

Yes precisely, quals match could possibly produce a Cinderella alliance at worlds in particular.

One example of an incredible alliance like this would be 2834, 33 and 469 at FIM champs 2017. Still shocked that alliance happened.

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Without penalties, that’s 151 points, more than the current high score with penalties (143 at the moment).
If this happens there will be absolute madness.

If 2910, 1323, and 1678 end up in a qual match I am pretty sure there will be one


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