how many hours do people put in throughout the build

this year i put in 350 hours throughout the build i thought that was insane anyone have any ideas on how we could reduce the amount of time spend during the build what are some stragiys people use from kickoff to ship

Most people on team 610 spend ~5 hours a day monday to friday, and between 8-10 hours on Sat. Near the end of season we also spend 8-10 hours on Sunday. And during the last three days, we stay as last as possible.

(This year we broke a record with what I believe was 35 hours straight) :eek:

I have no idea how many hours I put in. Our team has decided though, that it is better to work a ton at the beginning, and use the time at the end for working out the finishing touches and any other problems we might have encountered.
Lowering the amount of time you spend? Wouldn’t that mean you would actually sleep?
I don’t think that would be in accord with the true FIRST experience.:stuck_out_tongue:

Team 4 spent 5 hours Monday through Friday, and then about 3 Saturdays working 9AM to around 4PM. Of course there were days that started earlier / later and ended earlier / later, but all together it was about 180 - 200 hours, I’d say. We worked diligently and as hard as we could every meeting because we knew that we had no where near the amount of time we previously had (I believe I racked up 300 or so hours last season alone), so it was a much more focused season this year.

ya really i guess eh i just mean like instead of having a huge crunch at the end no time for practise its sometimes stressful

For most of build season it was about 30-35 hrs/week for me. At the last week… it was more… 2 all-niters!

When I read these, I wonder how our robot ever got built, let alone into the quarters. We had about 10 people. Two of us put in about 90 hours total. A bunch put in 50-70 and two or three only put in 10-20. How did we even get a robot?

35 hours straight…? psssh… amateurs…

294 did 3 days straight before ship last year.

Last year I put in over 600 hours, granted, only 400 of them were in the 6 week period, the other 200 were after shipdate until championships. As a note, this is not good for your health.

I put in about 5-6 hours weekdays, 7-9 hours weekends. Almost every day.

Towards the end of build season, my Chassis building skills weren’t needed as much (and I got sick from inhaling 98% alcohol fumes… cleaning paint off of pavement is not fun) so I wasn’t around as often as I wanted to be.

Just about 230 hours over the 6 week build period (the math I did was as follows)


1008 hours- because FIRST is 24/7 for those 6 weeks, and about 12/7 for the rest of the year so if we add that in its 4872 hours out of 8736 in a year

about 250 for me.

Too many to count…

In all seriousness, probably around 1000 hours. I don’t think I put in a single week between kickoff and nationals that was less than 60 hours. Most were 75+