How many Jaguars...

Is there a certain number of jaguars allowed on the robot, or is it just sticking with budget and weight requirements?

The maximum is 20 simply due to the max number of PWM outputs available.

I almost answered the same thing, but then I remembered about CAN control.

You aren’t limited, but you may wish to reconsider your design if you have 10+ speed controllers.

The highest CAN ID that WPILib can address is 63. However there are only 20 connectors on the PD board so that would limit you first.

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But John saves me with his answer.

We should add this to the “How many Spikes” thread.
As many decorative Jaguars as you like…

does anyone havea link to the jaguars specifications + wiring info ?

Product specs available for download.

That is for GREY jags. It you own the black version, they have a link to the spec page for them as well.

Be careful regarding that. Joe Herschberger from NI can answer this better than I can, however I’ve heard that there may be a limit on the number of jags due to the bandwidth of the serial port. The folks from CrossTheRoad Electronics can also probably answer this as they’ve delved into it developing the 2Can.

If you’re going to have quite a few speed controllers, I’d find out what issues it might cause.

We’ve run up to 6 with no issues.

I believe there are only 8 40-amp capable connectors on the PD board, so that’s another limiting factor. Not sure what size breaker the larger BaneBots motors require, but I know the CIMs for sure require a 40A circuit breaker. Also, the main breaker/power switch is rated at 120A, so think about that as well.

The Black Jaguar datasheet says 16 is the maximum.
I haven’t had a chance to test more than 9.

Is no one going to mention the cost limits?

Budget and weight were mentioned in the original post.