How many Joysticks are you using?

Team 2039 is using 2 joysticks total.

no “zero” choice?

2, One for the drive, one for the steering.

If you’re using zero then use the ‘other’ button.
(Sorry thought I’d lump the choice together)


Two for driving and two that were taken apart so they could be condensed into one port. We didn’t need all the extra buttons.

Four joysticks. Two for drive. Two for arm control. And two other controllers for driving too…

Drive - One three axis joystick for strafing and turning.

Manipulator - One for raising and lowering the arm.

Just 1 here –
Using a joystick for drive throttle, using a steering wheel for, you guessed it, steering. And using an xbox controller for arm.

3 joysticks. 2 for drive (tank controls) and 1 for the arm.

4, 2 for drive, 2 for other controls.

4 sticks, a steering wheel, and at least 10 keyboard buttons that we wired ourselves to the OI. I don’t know if there is a single open analog or digital port left on the OI that we haven’t used.

Two joysticks and a box- four buttons, a switch and a dial. Mayhap the third button (whose LED is refusing to work at the moment anyway) will be rendered unnecessary by the dial.

All the features of the box were wired to one OI Port, except a wire from the switch to a joystick. The last control port (box) is used for testing. So perhaps two and a half joysticks?

We have a joystick for driving, two buttons for turning, and a switch for the arm.


  1. One for each side.

4, two for the drive and two for the arm/catapult. We ran four last year too, and it got a bit crowded on the small control panel we had (we hate lugging around massive ‘air-plane wing’ control boards). So, this year the OI is on a small central piece of Lexan and each operator gets their sticks mounted on half a skimboard. All three parts are separable and will individually be held in place on the shelf by their own bits of velcro.

We are using either 2 or 3- 2 real joysticks for tank driving (but the driver can hold down the thumb button to make it single stick) and a joystick we created using an Easy Button that controls the other parts of the robot.

We are using 1 joystick for the chassis driver and an array of buttons for the secondary operator


Two for the driver, one controls throttle the other steering
One of the operator, controls the arm

Buttons on the driver joysticks control shifting
Buttons on the operator joystick control the manipulator

and of course some lovely arcade buttons for the operator

We’re using 2 joysticks from our Xbox 360 Controller.
Left/Right Joysticks = Left/Right Drive Systems
Left/Right Triggers for Mast
Left/Right Bumpers for “Rubber Saw”
Y/A for Mast Lock
Back/Start for Expanding/Contracting our Chassis!
Start Button = Turbo mode

-Fondy Fire