How many keepers have been scored so far?

Hey all, I was wondering how many keepers have been scored by one team at a regional?

What teams are racking up the keepers? :wink:

through the 10-15 rounds ive watched i have yet to see a team score.

whats goin on??:ahh:

1073 was the strongest at BAE, scoring 3 or 4 (maybe more, I don’t remember) throughout qualifiers and eliminations

I know at VCU one of the awesome teams from the Henrico triad scored in auton. I think it was Sparky but I am not completely sure.

According to our database, HOT scored all but 2 times out today.

1126 had one today.

At VCU I think that 1610 scored 4 (but one was in practice)
540 took 3 (one in practice, in the match with 1610)
384 took 3.
and I think 1086 scored two keepers.

My memory is hazy at the moment… this is not all of them today, but I recall seeing 79, 386, and 1902 all scoring today during practice matches.

And that may be because they are experimenting with their program, figuring out different ways and different places to put the ringer. They came out first practice match at GLR and plopped one right on.

HOT is Back!

2046 came out as an impressive rookie in the Pacific NW Regional. They had a pretty consistent auto mode. I don’t know how many they got total, but out of the three times I saw them run auto, 2 were successful at placing keepers.


I have seen about 4 to 5 keepers scored, but some robots were off, otherwise there would have been more.

Lets remember that this thread is about KEEPERs scored in autonomous, not ringers scored in regular game play.

So far we have scored 5 out of 6 times doing the keeper in actual matches. One almost failed and dropped to the lower spider. The one we did miss we didn’t have time to calibrate the arm and it came in too low.

We feel good about our auto mode at this point.

In NJ the only team i saw placing keepers was 25

either there is another team that has a robot named sparky or your mistaken but team 811’s robot is named sparky but we competed at GSR so unless our autonomous was so good that it went to VCU without us knowing:ahh:
but anyway here is 811’ssparky scoring in autonomous (1st video) as well as knocking over 138 (sorry)(2nd Video)

BTW to answer your question we scored twice and we will score every time in Atlanta!!!

384 is Sparky. To make the matter even more coincidental, the collaborated with two other teams in the “West Henrico Triad”. The other members are 1086, and 540 (The Screaming Eagles). So not only does 811s share a robot name with 384, but a team name with 540 (possibly, it sounds like that’s your team name from one of the videos posted). All 3 members scored at least one keeper if you count the practice day

so far in the LA regional only one team has scored a keeper in like 40 games.

Nope, Team 1831 was the Screaming Eagles at BAE

no we’re the Cardinals. but that is a pretty close coininsidence

In Finger Lakes 365 and 1126 scored nearly every match, (it was a fluke if they didn’t score). 73 and 424 also started scoring reliably about halfway through, and 354 and 639 each scored one.