How many keepers have been scored so far?

Today, at GLR, 1114 and 67 were in an alliance during elimination rounds. During many of them, 2 keepers were scored :eek:

However, it was typical in most qualification matches for there to be few keepers scored, especially since many teams did not have autonomous mode at all

What i find amazing is the lack of keepers being scored in the elimination rounds at GLR. A few teams like HOT were able to put up a keeper, but i don’t think any of the six robots in the final round had autonomous. One may have driven forward, but it was not attempting to put on a keeper (most obviously seen by the lack of a keeper on the robot).

In Arizona 39 put up a keeper 90% of the time on Saturday.

In addition, 1401 put up at least 1 (maybe 2), and 1696 got one up as well.

Three teams tried–696, 1388, and 330 all made attempts. I think maybe 1622 made an attempt. 330 made one and missed another by about half an inch–and failed to release a third, at which point the head ref came out and pulled it out of our grasp. (not all in the same roung, of course)

Do keepers scored on our practice field count? :wink:

525 scored quite a few keepers at St. Louis, but other than that there weren’t very many. I think most teams deemed autonomus inconsequential, perhaps because of the lack of bonus points.

Both these teams scored keepers pretty consistently through qualifications. They both scored keepers in the two rounds of the quarterfinals, and as I recall one keeper was scored in their first semifinal.

33 also scored at least 1 keeper, maybe more. I think 326 also scored one, and had one cut away because it wasn’t supported on the spider leg when auto ended.

1023 and 201 attempted keepers, but in my recollection didn’t score.

Please correct me if I’m wrong or forgot anyone.

You’re correct as far as I know. However, in the Finals, none of the six robots utilized an autonomous mode…unless they just drove forward.

at glr----- was it the position of rack that keep 1114 and 67 from doubling up that last match. was light in just the right spot to mess them up.

I think we are going to see a lot more at the Championships.

Team 1629 scored very consistantly on the practice field, but couldn’t seem to make it work on the field.

At Pittsburgh:
1038 scored almost every time
375 also had a fairly consistant auto mode through qualifications, but couldn’t seem to get it to work in the semi-finals.

That’s all i can remember for now.

Unfortunately, atlot of ‘not so good’ things happened in our last match at GLR.

Not sure why 1114’s machine did not score their keeper that match. Probably because it had to drive across the field to get to that light.

The reason we did not score that last match was completely our own fault. The first thing during autonomous is the arm is raised and the end effector flips out. We forgot to hook up the strap that pulls out the end effector. So needless to say it didn’t flip out and the keeper was blocking the camera.

Other then that we scored every keeper we tried on Saturday.

at glr----- was it the position of rack that keep 1114 and 67 from doubling up that last match. was light in just the right spot to mess them up.

Not sure why 1114’s machine did not score their keeper that match. Probably because it had to drive across the field to get to that light.

1114 couldn’t score that keeper because, by the time they got to the bottom-level spider they were aiming for, 67 had already scored a keeper on the middle-level spider just above and 67’s arm was in the way of 1114 being able to score. 1114 seemed to have trouble getting track on the lamp because it was across the field and at a troublesome angle to their starting position. For that reason, it took longer than usual for them to reach the spider and they arrived after 67.

Another interesting thing about that match: an opposing alliance bot - not sure which team - drove around to meet 67 in an autonomous defensive manuever - something we’d seen a number of teams do and something I was worried about. That move was not successful and 67 scored anyway.

In the previous match, 1114 tracked directly to a bottom-level spider and scored quickly. Then 67 reached the middle-level spider just above and scored. Two keepers - one just above the other - that was a thrilling sight to see!

In the LA Regional the only team, to my knowledge, that scored in autonomous was 330 the Beach Bots. We got extremely close a few times. Of course those attempts were once we shut off the camera, pointed the robot at the rack and hoped the judges turned the rack to our advantage. We had to turn off our camera because we couldn’t get the camera values to lock onto the green light and not the bright lights over the arena. We went around the first day asking teams if they had or used cameras. We found that about six teams had cameras at all, one team besides ourselves had one ready to use, two teams said that they’ll be working by the end of the day and the rest said they were just for decoration. I think that 330, the only team that scored in autonomous didn’t have a camera (correct me if I’m wrong). We’re hoping the situation in San Diego will be better.

We managed to finish the set point on Thursday. the autonomous was working just fine on the practice field Thursday night. but Friday morning in the filed the camper couldn’t find the green light becks of really bright sealing lights. after working with the camera on Friday, we scored 10 times on Saturday (almost every single time.) , i think we missed it two times because the keeper wasn’t preloaded correctly.
as you saw we were only scoring on the bottom row in front of us, but in Vegas we are going for the middle row, and maybe on sides of the rack so if there is another robot with autonomous in our side, we won’t interfere.
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At the florida regional we made 7 of 8 times in the qualifying rounds with the one failing did so because we did not recalibrate the arm (ran out of time).

In the finals we did 6 of 8 because there was no time to adjust the camera with it causing us to come short.

But overall 13 out of 16 times I felt good about it. Failures we do to adjustments needed, we are trying to solve that so we can have 100%.

Auto mode did make a difference.

We Scored 3 of the 8 in the Qualifing matches that we were in and scored twice in the elimiation rounds. We are going to improve auton, until are next competition in West Michigan. We hope to show a lot better and hope to see a lot more keepers put up.

Beach Bots was the only team to do it at LA

Quite correct. No camera on the robot, just take aim and hope the refs turn the rack right for us.

Team Voltage 386 in the Central Florida Regional:

Center Best: 6 of 7 attempts (sweet spot)
Reverse Score: 0 of 1 attempt
Side Score: 0 of 3 attempts

We won our first qualifier (Q9) with a score of 2 to 0 with only the KEEPER on the rack!

The one we missed was due to the foot swinging side to side in time with our autonomous retry. We went at it 2 or 3 times and it was always not in the center of the swing. An opposition 'bot had slammed the rack from the other side.

Reverse Score was driving backwards to the FAR side of the field, turn to face the rack, locate the light and go to score. We ended up coming in the edge of the side foot and missed our EASY button scoring trigger. We ran this Friday in our last qualifier as we were allied with Exploding Bacon (1902) and we knew from a practice with them that we’d collide in the center if we did our preferred approach.

Side Score was a newly written mode Saturday morning just in case we ended up in the finals with an autonomous partner (like 1902, which we did as a substitute for 108). We were supposed to back out, back turn into the rail, locate the light, and go in to score. Unfortunately, we turned forwards into the rack and were too close to maneuver to score. Came REALLY CLOSE all three times though!

We will be in Palmetto with corrections for the spider side miss and will have corrected the turns for Side Score. Watch for us!

Lynn (D) - Team Voltage 386 Software & Coach

PS. According to Dennis, the field chief, we had the best autonomous mode in the competition, but I’d have to say that 1902 ran a really close second!

We made an attempt every match, but only once did we actually put it over the spyder leg.