How many Labview seats we are allowed to have?

Does anyone know how many Labview seats we are allowed to have with each year’s KOP labview software?

I would like to loada few PCs at school in order to have a training
session for students on the team but would liek to know how many copies I can deploy.


As many as you need is the short answer.

Keep in mind it expires about 1-2 weeks after next season’s Kickoff, or just after HAL 9000’s birthday.

Also remember to do all the add-ons so you can do FRC robots. Otherwise it’s just a plain old LabVIEW 2012. :wink:

As many as you need. Seats are unlimited.

Usage is limited to FIRST robotics / extra-cirricular STEM robotics.

Actually, there is an upper limit, based on how quickly you can load it. 365 days per year times say 1 hour per install, gives you 8,760 seats. YMMV, of course. And since this is a leap year, you get a bonus 24 seats more! But you’re also about 80 days late, so you lose about 1900 seats.

Better get cracking!

Is it not permitted to make multiple copies of the installation media so that multiple installs can happen at once ?

Now you’re just being silly! Don’t you think 8000+ seats are enough? :slight_smile:

I suppose it’s possible, or by deploying over a network. It’s on a USB card, and there is a lot of info to copy. I don’t know why not.

I do think it was amazing that LabVIEW is all on that one little card. Then again, I was tickled pink way back when when an AutoCAD upgrade came on one CD instead of 10 floppy disks.