How many motors are you using on this years robot?

Our team is using 10 motors on this years bot (not including servos) and to me it seems like a lot. I’m just wondering how many motors other teams are using. How many motors is your team using?

6 motors, 2 of which may get dropped from the final robot. That, plus 2 pneumatic cylinders.

  1. Our E-board is HUGE.

We are planning on 7 at the moment, it could increase up to 9 or even 10 depending on how our plans turn out.


we’re using two cims for drive, two fisher-price’s for ball lifting, and two denso’s for ball hearders…

plus a giant pneumatic cylinder… and accompanying compressor, air tanks and all that


we are using 2 CIMS for drive, and 2 for out Conveyor belts

4 motors and air compressor:D

Whats the air compressor for if i may ask?

1 FP
2 Banebots

7 total, most we’ve ever had on one robot.

What Craig said.

Judging from their team members’ responses to some polls on here, they’re dumping.

Their robot uses compressed Win. Not air.

4 CIMs
2 FPs
1 Globe

7 Total

you can do that?! :ahh:

Only 3 so far that I know of, but I’m sure that will change to a higher number of course.
We are keeping it simple this year though, so it probably won’t increase by THAT much. :cool:

1 FP
1 Globe

We have 2 CIMs for drive and 2 for shooting
a Fisher Price for a intake roller
a window motor to move balls up
a FP to load the shooter
4 motors for the shooter

so a total of 9


2 cims
2 windows
1 fisher price
1 globe
2 servos

It’s looking 7 for us. Possibly a servo to add for 8.

we are using 8