How Many motors were smoked this year?

So I had 5 minutes and was bore so how many motors did you smoke this year?

I made a survey that you can take here:

We let the smoke out of a bag motor eight times, burned up a 775, and I believe burned up another bag motor. The 775 died when the planetary gearbox broke some teeth.

0? Are burned out motors a big thing this year?

We set a new high record for us. One CIM smoked, one CIM found too hot to touch, and three smoked Mega Scale servos (HS-805MG). Except for the first CIM, none of these motors was supposed to be doing anything at the time. In the preceding six years, I know of four smoked motors in four different years.

I have heard of many more cases than last year so I thought I would tally results. With 69 answers this is where we now stand](](

Which 8 people smoked a CIM, and HOW??

Surprisingly both of the teams I work with this year smoked motors!

One was done at week zero, that was a 775 on the elevator - not a high enough reduction, you could watch the motor spark when it tried to lift the elevator.

One CIM on the other team… climber.

We smoked two 775s in the same match during North Shore Q66 and then smoked the same one again since we couldn’t swap in time during Q69. Also the BAG motor on our wrist burnt up in Q69 but no smoke was emitted, sealed motors ftw.

We haven’t smoked any motors. The 8 belts we broke protected them :ahh:

We once burned through at LEAST two CIMs in a season due to our extremely high-resistance drive train and our six-hour bag night drive session.

Something I learned this year was that the use cycle that a CIM is actually rated foris 3 mins on (one way, full power), 30 secs off, 3 mins on (other way, full power), 30 mins off. Most quals matches fit ok within this cycle (you usually don’t get 30 mins off, but you get more than 2-3 seconds between the first two so it somewhat evens out), but elims can push this, and drive practice sessions in the shop on bag night can get your CIMs nice and toasty (and sometimes smoky).

Smelled at least two cases of magic smoke at OCR. One was a Redline, the the other I’m not sure what it was but it didn’t smell like a Redline or 775Pro.

We typically pack cold packs for elims just for this reason. Haven’t had any issues, but just in case.

None? Love me some 775s and miniCIMs. Also thank you JVN.

Fried a BAG on our intake wrist during initial testing. This year seems to encourage designs that stall motors (arms, wrists, climbers, elevators, and the like)

Our 775pros have been dead reliable, haven’t smoked a single one on our drivetrain, intake, or elevator.

We need another poll for worst magic smoke smell between FRC motors… because the BAG would definitly rank as the worst :stuck_out_tongue: the smell stays within the VP gearbox grease for days!

FWIW 1072 smelled a BAG motor burning and tried to see if it was one of our power cords. I told them it was probably a BAG from the last match. Sacramento stands are around 10ft above the field.
Killing a BAG motor is like ripping a massive fart… nobody will call you out but everyone knows it was you.

Can confirm… we had two misassembled VPs that killed one BAG motor each. That smell is something else.

For our elevator we originally went with a 15-1 VP with a single 775 pro, and well, we smoked her nicely first drive practice. Learned from that and went to a 25-1. At OCR we fell on our back turtle-style, and our code wanted to return to zero… we got disabled. whole pit smelled like magic smoke for the rest of the regional. Went on to win it though!

2018 OCR Regional Winner 3473 - 812 - 5805
2016 SDR Rookie All Star & Highest Rookie Seed -5805

4 9015 motors on our elevator. Replacing with 2 Cims as weight is no longer issue. Hope they will work out ok.

According to the survey one team blew a snowblower motor :ahh: whats the story with that?

Didn’t smoke any motors but on our cascade we have two 775 pros driving 70:1 gear boxes. The drive shaft is not as straight as we need and is coupled with another shaft. We had our first failure at week one where the locking clip on the planetary gear shaft ground down the gears and caused the shaft to come out.

Our second failure was at week three and the same problem occurred with the shaft. However, we also blew up a 10: 1 and 7: 1 transmission.

Both motors still function.