How many motors

Does anybody know the maximum number of motors that can be used in the robot? Is it allowed to order additional motors of the same type as in the kit? … that is can we use 3 drill motors if we are under the alloted cost budget?

I went over the rules very briefly and it does not state whether or not u can have more then 2 motors in your robot / let alone the entire robot. if im not mistaken u can have more motors in your robot they need to be powered by a speed controller, and as for the drive system i thinks its still 2 drill motors for the drive system.:confused: :confused:

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drive system motors as always are unlimited, and you can have as many motors in the bot as there are given in the kit. as long as you can find a way to control them legally and safely

Only the motors provided in the kit, in the quantity provided in the kit, are allowed on your robot.

You may not purchase additional motors and place them on the robot in addition to what you received with the kit.

The motors on your robot may be used in any configuration for any purpose so long as they do not break the wiring and robot construction rules found in the manual.

Like M said, you may only use the motors provided in the kit and in the quantity provided in the kit.

You may, however, buy spare motors for each of the motor provided in the kit, and replace the original one if they break. Make sure you bought the exact same motor with the same spec and part number.

Just remember, the biggest amount of motors you are allowed to have on your robot on the field is however many they provided you in the kit.