how many of u actually used the stacker if u had one?

just wondering how many used it…we had a really reliable stacker but ended up just using it as a pusher because we never got a chance to stack boxes…

we built a 2 stack like twice.

MVRT 115 can build stacks but we have stolen stacks of 3 from the opponent and scored 3 mp in our zone. We also stole in the finals at SVR

we have stacked in the qualifing matches and the elims see

for a good movie of us stacking

We use our stacker quiet regularly…

Knocking over other peoples stacks is pretty simple. We can usualy knock them over in autonomous…

Stacking will become more important as time goes on i think…

Check this thread to read about us stacking:

We have made a stack of everything up to 4. We didn’t stack much at Philly because it seemed that our opponents were not able to knock over our human player stacks. Either way, I am hoping to make a stack of 7 at nationls to beat any previous record. :yikes: Good luck to stackers and everone else.

we did too. during practices and a match or two i think.

We had a really good stacking mechanism as wel, and we even created stabalizers to keep the boxes perpendicular to the ground always, but we never used it to stack, there wasn’t enough time.

We used our stacker in every round we were in. We did one stack of 6, a couple of 5, and the rest were stacks of 4. We did steal a stack of 4 from our opponent and successfully placed it in our zone. We have an internal stacker so we would wait for the last few seconds to drop our stack, usually we did have to give up KOH. We had the second high score at the BAE Regional of 225 QP.

Going into this competition our team realized that stacking would be a dangerous affair, yet we also felt that having the ability to do so was important. With that in mind, we designed our robot with, as we like to put it, “primitive stacking capabilities”. With that in mind, I am very happy with our stacking performance. We have stacked 2-3 high several times.

we had a stacker
we in practice could stack 7 boxs on top of an 8th box
but during the competition we just didn’t have enough time
so we just used our (polycarbon) arms and just slaped boxes around

We used our stacker, but certainly not to the same extent as some of the others. I was really impressed with the rookie team 1114’s stacker. It was phenomenal. I heard they got a stack of 8 (I would have seen it, but I’m the driver).

At UCF we stacked alot, a couple of matches

We had a stacker module that could be attached instead of our plow, and it could stack and protect 7, but after seeing how it was easier just to push bins around and head for the ramp we hardly used it.

In Chesapeake we were a stacker but couldn’t protect stacks so we ended up being one of the strongest bots… (CRT was stronger, that was basically it).

For a vid of that,

However, we spent all day practice day in Canada building a frame and removing system components to protect bins.

Once we did that, we could protect the human player stack of 4 perfectly and didn’t really need to stack, though we were stack guys.

We used our claw to stack in all of our practice matches, and one or two qualifying matches.

I don’t believe we managed to (or needed to) stack two in any actual matches. But we could. :slight_smile:

*Originally posted by Koci *
**We used our stacker, but certainly not to the same extent as some of the others. I was really impressed with the rookie team 1114’s stacker. It was phenomenal. I heard they got a stack of 8 (I would have seen it, but I’m the driver). **

Our stacker was very similar to 1114’s, but we never got around to using it. It had a conveyor, it could hold boxes (with shelves), it had a tentioner (sp?) so if we had a large stack, and we were bumped, the stack would say. The only real flaw I saw in our stacker was the fact that we need to orient the boxes first.

My team used its stacker all the time, it was great for bashing boxes and the arm it was mounted on flipped us back over many times. :smiley:

We never had time to practice stacking. Otherwise we probably could have done a few stacks.

Nope, we never really used our stacking mechanism. We had arms that could move up and down, the little arms attached to those that moved side to side(for picking up totes) Our engineers came up with thise whacked out pulley system that everyone on the team thot was iffy, but ended up being alright. We primarily used our stacker to plow thru the totes in our auto mode, but our main strategy was to get the KOH points at the end of the match. We pretty much depended on our awesome tranny (8 ft/s high speed, 1 1/2 ft/s low) and its awesome power to get us up there and not be moved. Plus, the grippy tank/conveyor belt treads we used were had awesome grippiness on the top of the ramp and we barely ever moved.

If ya wana see any pics …