how many of you are military dependents

how many of you students/mentors have a parent or have someone on your team in the military

No love for the Coast Guard? :wink:

I have a buddy of mine on my team who just got finished with his stint in the Air Force, and is now in the reserves.

On another team, I have a friend who is entering her 8 years of service in the Air Force as well starting this summer.

In my immediate family, I don’t know about anyone serving in the military since WWII, but in my extended family, I know a few people who are currently, and formerly in the Navy along with at least one person I’ve known so long who is like family in the Air Force.

I pretty much know, or have known someone in every branch of the military now or within the last 10 years primarily between both friends & family serving, along with co-workers as well in my industry.

Not sure about the Coast Guard, but I do know a friend who works in the Gulf Of Mexico doing search & rescue stuff at a shoreline based college, so that counts and is close enough for me.

I will be attending the U.S. Naval Academy. I-Day is July 2nd.

Marine brat =P. I’ve gone to school on/around all the larger marine corps bases(lejune, pendleton, cherrypoint ect)…and I had never heard of FIRST. We got stationed out at mobcom in the middle of nowhere (Missouri) about a 2 years ago and the high school out here just started FIRST.

I’m guessing you are not targeting this to the Israeli teams… :slight_smile:

(In Israel army service is mandatory)

I’m serving in the army at the moment (kindof), In the academic Reserve (studying to get a degree and then serve as a Mech. Engineer).