How many of you build your own field?

Just curious…this spurns off of something Nate said about the MI forum, and Im wondering if this is a nation-wide thing.

I believe it’s WORLD-wide… :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:
We built a full field, using some pipes from 2000’s field (try not noticing the previously red goal pipes turned into a center barrier :))
We did have some problems with the bridge, concerning metric measurements - sometimes we had to glue two or three layers of wood together to meet the specifications, in inches.
Oh, and we did not use any acrylic or diamond plate, so our alliance station was kinda bare naked… :slight_smile:

rambots really dont fit into any of those categories…

we have neither the money nor the space to build the whole field. so we just build the centerpieces

we build pathetic mock ups of the important parts of the centerpieces. like we built half of the base of the goal out of plywood, and a small section of the bar thingy out of the same

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**I believe it’s WORLD-wide… :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Oops :eek: Sorry.

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Have a good one

Depending on the game we build as much filed as our space will allow. Most of the time we have a field that is 75% size.

Hopefully FIRST will keep using the Kee Klamp parts. It saves cash because we can re-cycle the old field parts.

The area we have to put our field is only about a quarter of the size of the actaul field so we just build the centerpieces and such.

Last year my team built only the esential/center pieces; ie one goal, the bridge, and the stretcher. This was mostly due to lack of space for storing the parts, we barely had enough room for our bot, tools and other parts.

I don’t see the poll option for teams that don’t build any part of a field and have no teams within a 2 hour drive… anyway… our team didn’t have the funding to build any parts of the field. Basically, our field consisted of two barrels on top of each other which resembled a goal. In retrospect, having the essential parts of a playing field are extremely important, as our team decided not to do anything with the ramp because we had no way to test our design if we were to go in that direction. Lesson learned: build essential parts at all costs (or use another team’s if you have teams nearby)


Every Year we build a whole field, we are Lucky enough to have a sponser (Gillette, I’v got to plug the name at some point) with the funds to alow us to build the whole thing, but I have the utmost respect for the Teams with great robot without one.

Team #292 voted: No, all we build is the centerpieces. However, we could have voted: NO, but we know a very nice team that lets use their stuff. Team #45 has been a tremendous help in the forming and operation of our team. They build a complete field and allows our team to use it whenever they have the building open. Team #292 thanks Team #45 for all of their assistance.


You left out the fact that your team (292) helps us build all the components of the field. Sometimes, there are even more students from 292 who help build compared to students from team 45.

The effort your team makes a huge difference, and it would take much longer to build the field without your team’s generosity.

I’m sure that we will need your help again this coming year!

Andy B.

Team 535 (aka Rookie Team) built a full field and all the extra equipment therein (both goals and stretcher) to spec.
The only thing we changed was to have only one wall of plexiglass for the drivers. The other wall is solid plywood.
It took a long time to build, with all the changes that kept appearing. We had a dedicated team of students that were more than up to the task.

Wayne D.

I see that everyone that cannot build a whole field is just acting like the center peice is the holy graile maybe we shouldn’t focus all are attention on that

We plan on/have built the center piece, one regular goal, one vision tetra, and three regular tetra’s. :wink:

This was for the 2001 competition. Although I was not there, I think I can assume that in that game, the centerpiece was more important that it is in the 2005 game, when it is just another way to score.

My team plans on making a vision tetra of each color, a normal tetra of each color, an automatic loading station, a normal goal and a mock up of the center goal using various pieces (come on, who wants to pay $125 for the center goal?).

We just build the center pieces, however Dana’s Tech Fusion gives us access to the field they build for final testing. Which of course is extremely nice of them.

So Far we have built one of the small goals and 2 tetras, we are waiting on some clover pieces to build the center goal and a few more tetras. thats all we need.

We are lucky to have some extra space now and have built a full size field the last few years. (plywood is a good substitute for most field parts) Previous to that, we built to the size we occupied.