How many of you............

How many teams already have a moving bot? Like even just wheels and motor? Just curious!

your joking right? hehe, next week is our huge build phase, we are still planning.

plan 1.5 weeks, build 3 weeks, practice 1.5 weeks

We haven’t even ordered our wheels yet, so it’ll be at least another week or so before we can even think about driving things around.

But, in the pre-season, we managed to throw something together!

Ack, forgot the photo!



is that legal to build something in the off season and use it in the future compitition?:confused: :confused: :confused:

*Originally posted by Ricksta121 *
**is that legal to build something in the off season and use it in the future compitition?:confused: :confused: :confused: **

Well, no, but we’re pretty sure that the Powerwheels Barbie Corvette isn’t a legal kit part, anyway :slight_smile:

Ricksta, the rules state the parts for the robot must be built after the Kick-Off.

Wayne Doenges

how about building before kickoff and then after kickoff take apart what has been prebuilt and then rebuild it???

any takers?

Doesnt it say u cant “manufacture” parts prior to kickoff and use them after kickoff?

I think that situation would fall under that category if true.


I was wondering the same thing (gee we are part of the same club) vyrotek.

Anyways, I guess it would take alot of work to get a basic running chasis. like at least some time to decide dimensions, and then to macine it. It could probably be done in two days, but that’s like 8-10 hours or so per day (including Sunday)… and then if it doesn’t work for you, you have to re-engineer it…

Well, I’m glad we aren’t the only ones still in the design stage.

as for the pre-manufacturing thing, I think that means that NO part can be placed on your robot that you machined before the kickoff. No basic chasis, wheels, or sprockets… nothing.

no basic chasis!!! heck we have used the same design of a chasis for the past 2 years. Yet we do build a new one every year. I dont see a problem with designing something in the off season or even machining some major things, if you really want to, before you know the game. It is your money! If you flush it down the drain it is your decision. oh well

Just my thoughts. Doesnt mean they are right!!!

Yes we have a powered chassis


It’s attached to last years robot and I cant seem to seperate the two of them from each other but Hey, I’ll try my hardest to get those two lovebirds apart.

Moving bot? I can’t even get my team to decide on what it wants to do…of course there’s a ruling from our school system that says: no school = no robotics. We’ve already lost two days due to weather.

I’m glad our team isn’t the only team set up the way of no school = no robot meetings. Darn red tape administrative garbage!