how many people are on your animation team?

From what i have seen of the credits in the movies uploaded to Streamline, most teams have several if not 10 or more people working on their animation. I know our animator would be too modest to point this out, but he was really the only one who worked on our clip. He modeled, animated, rendered, everything. Are the credits just a little to generous in their inclusions, or do most teams really have many people working on their projects. BTW, i think ours is pretty good, you should check it out :cool:

Our team has only one person on the animation team. He gives credit to the student that helped him debug his animation and the student that wrote the music for it, but he is really the only one that did the animation. He won the visualization award at Pittsburgh last year & we gave him the extra trophy

This year we have eight (plus one or two others who made contributions) in animation.


anybody else would have gotten in my way

We had 3 solid people working on our team but had about 2-3 people who contributed sound, lighting and video editing.

Three students and two mentors (including me).

We had 3 main people who made the animation, and one other who helped us put it all together at the end.

I am the soul animator for my team. Sound was done by another person but I supervised that and editing. All models, textures, etc., were sterenuously done by myself.

Very impressive for a solo project. I really liked the materials and lighting in your animation.

Thank you very much, makes six weeks of work really worth it when someone says that to me :slight_smile:

A big goose-egg. We have no animation at all.

ditto to that, no animation, hoping to be judged as rookies next year though :slight_smile:

We don’t allow the mentors do the animation, or help on anything major. The mentors are allowed to help when asked how to do specific things, but they merely tell us what tool to use, and not how to use it. Unfortunetely, we had 5 students sign up to do the animation, and towards the end, it turned into 3 of us doing the whole animation. Due to time restrictions and excessive schoolwork, we were unable to finish the animation, with simply 3 students, without extensive 3DSM experience. We hope to get more students involved to help next year, and complete it in time to submit.

Our Team has one student animator, KA.
One student for moral support and story help, SEE (doesn’t know how to animate)
And me for technical support.

We had three main people (an animator, a modeler, and a lighting/sound person), but had a bunch of other people show up and help with specific parts, so the full animation team was more like 6 people, plus “quality control” and random grunt work people that were hanging around.

What’s an animation? :wink:

We don’t have one for this year, but we are anticipating one for next year. (Hopefully we actually will… :))

We have three very dedicated animators, two students and one mentor. This year they had something go horribly wrong. The night before the animation was due they began rendering, and the computer crashed and lost half of their animation. They stayed through most of the night and came back at 5 AM the next morning to finish it and submitted it on time. Despite what happened it was the best animation we have ever had.

It’s nice to see some of you got mentors though, I didn’t have one (I was partial to not wanting one either).

1 person doing the actual animation…
like 6 people doing voices…

Our animation team consists of 3 experienced members and 2 newbies. We also had one other guy do music and another guy helped us with misc. stuff like neworking, flash, etc. So although our credits will say 7 people, only 2.5 (yes, .5, sadly, one guy’s computer was too slow for him to contribute as much as he could have) were really able to contribute significantly to the animation…