How many people are watching the Mars Landing

I’m sitting here at my PC watching CNN which is reporting on the status of SPIRIT landing on Mars.

I’ve always found the space program very interesting, but after the past three years competiting in FIRST I have a new found respect for the engineers that design, build and deploy technology for space.

I think the Mar program is indicative of what FIRST is all about and I was just wondering how many people (students, teachers, parents, engineers) are following the landing?

Watching NASA TV, they have data from after the landing.

It made it and is still transmitting!


I’m here at JPL about 200 feet from the flight ops room you see on NASA-TV. We just got confimation of a safe landing. Air bags are gonna start retracting in about a minute (I can’t believe I get paid to do this :smiley: ).


I’m watching in on the webcast of NASA-TV. I think I saw Dave too.