How many positions?

In the beginning of the match, How many positions can the ball be located on the upper rack?

3 positions per side; one ball of each color will be on each side. Random locations are chosen by the field.

thanks man, btw, that is a nice new picture may I add. :smiley:

There are (Per alliance) 3 spots to put your robot. And then there are ~6 positions where your balls could be, One on your overpass, and one on the opposite overpass. Very technical to do automode on the other side of the field this year :\

thanks man, that helped me out.

I had to check the rules just to make sure of this:

Not three spots (like the squares in Aim High), but maybe only three locations in practical matters. I can check this afternoon when I get to our roboting. But this is what I wanted to make sure:

<G20> TRACKBALL Locations - … four TRACKBALLS will be placed on the OVERPASS. On each side of the OVERPASS there are three TARGET LOCATIONS for TRACKBALLS. The field management system will randomly choose an initial starting location for the TRACKBALLS before the start of each MATCH. One red and one blue TRACKBALL will then be positioned in the chosen TARGET LOCATIONS on each side of the OVERPASS. …

Is the “field management system” a computerized randomization, or just what the field reset crew decides at the moment? And think of what muscles that crew will have lifting those balls all day!

thanks a lot for verifying. It is appreciated.

The length of the field makes it so there is only 3 robots length in your home stretch (That is of course unless you make really long and skinny robots, then there are maybe 4.)
|bot | bot| bot|

Not quite sure of which is length and width of the field. (I have this trouble all the time at work. :slight_smile: ) I was answering this part

There are (Per alliance) 3 spots to put your robot.
The alliance wall and the angled Robocoach station wall are where the robots park up against (and touch). There is about 13-feet from field side to field centerline, divided by say 30-inches per robot (including a gap between), gives you a bit over 5 robots across the alliance walls in the Home stretch starting area.

The wall is angled there though, Which leads to one robot sticking out, and if they are 30 inches, it will be touching another robot, which they are not aloud to do.

All it has to do is touch not be flush.

Well, if you have the back of the robot flat against the angled wall, yeah. But “touching” to me sounds like it can be just a corner of the robot touching the wall, but the front of the robot is still facing the overpass (parallel).

The robots may be touching either the wall in front of the driver’s station or the diagonal wall in front of the Robocoach area, see <G15>. That gives quite a bit more width to play with, plus might start a speedy lap bot a little farther down the track. Only a corner of the 'bot needs to be in contact with the wall, it does not have to have one side flush. That was covered in Q&A pretty explicitly.


Ah, i thought it had to be flush against the wall, now i understand. :slight_smile:

Glad I could help