How many Raspberry Pi's can we use?

Our head of programming wanted to know if it is allowed to use multiple Raspberry Pi’s and if there are any restrictions. Thanks in advance!

I am not aware of any rule prohibitng amount of Raspberry Pi’s you can use on a robot.
More than that, I don’t think the words “Raspberry Pi” or even “coprocessor” are mentioned in the manual.

I can probably whip up some natural limits. Volume assuming rectangular prisms, straight volume, weight, electrical load assuming they’re all powered, etc.

There are no rules specifically limiting you to a quantity of Raspberry Pis, though some napkin math says funneling a high-school robotics’s budget into a crypto-mining box disguised as an FRC robot is not particularly economically nor legally sound.


Pie is typically cut into 8 pieces, so presumably 8. Yeah, I think 8 will do.


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