How many Red Cards will there be?

<G30> Any ROBOT used during a MATCH must be in compliance with all ROBOT Rules (as defined in Section 4 – The Robot).
Violation: RED CARD

None of the ROBOT Rules have have separate Violations listed in them.

For example the BUMPER rules are ROBOT Rules. <R07>:

B. The BUMPERS must be located entirely within the BUMPER ZONE when the ROBOT is standing normally on a flat floor, and must remain there (i.e. the BUMPERS must not be articulated or designed to move outside of the BUMPER ZONE).
Does this mean that if your BUMPER comes loose and drags below the BUMPER ZONE, you will get a RED CARD?

<R11> is a robot rule.

<R11> During the MATCH, the ROBOT may not exceed the volume constraints of either STARTING or PLAYING CONFIGURATIONS (note: these limits are defined in reference to the ROBOT, not the FIELD).
Although <G40> gives a violation of a *PENALTY *for exceeding the PLAYING CONFIGURATION, you are also in violation of a ROBOT Rule. Does that mean it is a RED CARD as well?

In 2010, this was much less harsh:

<S04> Permitted ROBOTS - Any ROBOT used during a MATCH must be in compliance with all Robot Rules (as defined in Section 8). Violation: PENALTY and potential YELLOW CARD.

How many robots will not have passed inspection before their first match?

Now multiply by 3. (<T03>)

Now add about a half-dozen for the season for interfering with a deploying/deployed minibot or a robot in contact with the base. (<G2X>–there are several.) I figure after Week 1, most of those will go away. If not, then revert to a per-week number of 6.

Add another half-dozen for miscellaneous red card violations that aren’t covered above, for the season, and another half dozen for second yellow cards.

Probably about 18 + the number of teams DQd because their alliance partners didn’t pass inspection to start with.