How many regionals can you go to?

Rookie Team 3647 here, we are for sure attending the SD regional.
But we were wondering about going to some of the other CA regionals. Is this possible, recommended and how would it work?
Please forgive me if this is a noob question ^^

Possible: Yes, given your team has the necessary money and there is available space at the regional you would like to add to your season. Although at this point in the season you may have missed your chance (there may be a deadline, I’m not entirely cetain though because many events are still filtering teams in through the waitlist). A good place to start is contacting the Regional Director, whose contact info should be available at the FIRST website or your main team contact should have it.

Recommended: Maybe. If you are likely to qualify for the championship (if you are the only rookie at your regional or one of the elite teams at the tournament), then make sure you have enough money left to then be able to attend the championship as a priority over the second regional because if you have the opportunity you do not want to miss the FIRST Championship!

Also make sure the team is on board before you make drastic changes to the competition season schedule!

Just as a gernal rule of thumb, the max regionals would be 6. That’s assuming you have the money.

and the bigger issue if your school district approves of this. Keeping the kids out of class for consecutive weeks may not make FIRST a favorite in the school no matter how much it’s intended to help the kids out in the long run.

Well the max would depend on how far you and your robot need to travel. From here in Hawaii the max is probably 3 because our regional is usually week 4. so a good regional choice would be 2, 4 and 6.