How Many Regionals Does Your Team Participate In?

How Many Regionals Does Your Team Participate In? My team only gets to go to only one… We are trying to change that next year, we are going to discuss fund raising more seriously.

Considering there are only 5 weeks of regional events, I’d love to meet the teams who do 7+ regionals. :wink:

Andy Baker created a team for himself, and attended all 43 Regionals!

:eek: :confused: How does he do that? He doesnt stay long for each right?

You haven’t heard of the great Andy Baker?

By the way, mayhemscout1519 is wrong–he created three teams, attended and won every regional, and then competed in the Championship in every division. Einstein was a pain to figure out, though, so they just gave him the win.

Is he some FIRST meme?

He’s one of the founders of AndyMark (the other is Mark Koors). You know, the company that built the Toughboxes found in the KOP.

Ah I see now… Hes like Chuck Norris of FIRST or something

Exactly, but… who is Chuck Norris? :wink:

We attend only 1 regional. Something I am greatly wanting to change here pretty soon.

Chuck Norris wishes he could be like Andy Baker…and when the Championships expand to two more fields
One will be Andy Field and the other Baker Field…

Considering there are only 5 weeks of regional events, I’d love to meet the teams who do 7+ regionals.

I could see that- If someone mentors multiple teams from different areas. Maybe. :smiley:

Not a team though, I mean unless the TEAM mentors another TEAM that doesn’t attend the same regionals.

Strangely enough, this statement isn’t that untrue. I’d venture to say that every team on Einstein in 2006, 2007, 2008, and 2009 had at least one AndyMark part on their machine… Which means that Andy Baker and Mark Koors have won the World Championship 4 (or more) years in a row.

Back on topic though, my team competes in 2 Regionals per year and we also try to go to the Championship too. If we can’t get into the Championship, which hasn’t happened in my time on the team, we look into a third Regional as an over-night trip.

My team does not attend any regionals…

But we (51) participated in 2 Michigan district events, and we will participate at State Championships (since we qualified), and World Championships in Atlanta. :slight_smile:

Just so you know, the numbers you will get from a poll like this on CD are very skewed from the actual number of teams that attend multiple regionals. The numbers are on the board here somewhere (posted by Mark McLeod if I remember right), but I believe it is less than 25% of teams that attend more than one event.

Back in '07, we had a really good robot, and just wished that we could’ve attended another regional and w/ some minor changes, we could’ve made an even better showing.

Since then we always attend two. It just helps to give closure in that whole “what if we went to a second one” deal.

Just 1 regional here. Wish it were more, but we never were able to obtain enough funding. Have never been to the Championships.

Our problem generally seem like they could be almost entirely resolved if we attended a second regional. Usually, we build a really solid robot, in terms of functions, but seem to get caught up on something trifle. This year, it was drivetrain issues, but when those mecanums were in operation, our robot was a scoring machine.

Me too! We usually do 2 or 3 regionals and championships.


We only go to one regional, mostly because of financial reasons, and because of missing school. I’ve always wondered, though, how do teams that go to a lot of regionals and championships deal with missing so much school? It seems like it’d be a big deal to me.

We miss 6 days cause of robotics, and the administration is supportive as long as we keep it contained. Meaning like only 10ish students miss the 6 days, and not the fully 35.

Missing days from school is a big deal for us. As a result, we have done 2 regionals for years, one local and one travel (warm). We have done LA, Arizona and Florida for travel regionals and Boston ever since it began. We have done Atlanta once and Houston and even Disney years ago, but have found regionals to be the “right size” for competition. We have bantered about a third competition, but have always said no due to the extra days missed from school.