How many Robocats?

I’m just frustrated that we took over a month trying to change our team name just to get back around to the Robocats. Obviously it’s too late to change, but I was wondering how many other teams out there had the same name? I understand why some people on our team wanted the name, our school’s mascot is the bearcat, as seen in my sig. Or used to be, here it is. (Not the final logo design)

Anyhoo, I’m also looking for some cool generic/general names that I can bring up for discussion.

I count 4 other teams named RoboCats on the FIRST Wiki. As for names, a few that have been proposed in my team’s name discussions over the last few years are: “Cyber-Toothed Tigers,” “the Skunx,” and “Yellow Moose Mafia.”

Some Robocats:
379 (Ohio)
964 (Ohio)
1699 (Connecticut)
1885 (Virginia)
2137 (Michigan)


Well, we never got it changed officially, but someone came up with another name, so we are in the process of getting shirts and such with it. Just tired of everything that has to do with the school using Bearcats or something-cats in the name.