how many robocoaches can you have?

I was wondering how many robocoaches (hybrid-mode operators) each team is allowed to have during the competition.

In the rule book, section 7.3 mentions “the robocoach” numerous times, which led me to believe that each team was only allowed a max of one robocoach.

I’m not sure, but did they have an example in the kickoff video where one team had no robocoaches and another team had two? It’s been a while since I’ve seen the video, so correct me if I’m wrong; I’d just like to be sure before we get to the competition.

Thanks from team 2518.

You may have up to 3 robocoaches per alliance.
That’s the only limitation.

Yes an alliance can have up to three.

If a team doesn’t use one that spot can be filled by one from another team but they can only use the same 4 commands as the other coach on their team.

Or, if one Robocoach isn’t being used, another alliance member can “borrow” them. (I also seem to remember a Q&A about one Robocoach being allowed to signal two robots.) Again, you need to make sure the commands are the same for each.