How many robots driving simultaneously?

At an event at Woodward Governor last night I saw three 159 robots drive at once, and there was another in our shop that was capable of driving and will be this weekend at NoCo Maker Faire. So we have at the moment four robots capable of driving all at the same time. This is the most in 159 history (I think…) So I was wondering, what is the most of your team’s robots that have been driving at once?

currently, 5 (well, usually 4 because one or another decides not to cooperate that day)

On 461 we have 4 that can drive right now.

My high school team (45) has the following year’s robots up and driving

1992,1993,1996, 1998, 2002, 2003 ball drive, 2004, 2008, 2009, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016

We’ve had 2 maximum, in theory we could have 3 if we set up a robot using the cRIO.

696 had a golden era where a total of 6 robots were drivable, cRIOs and all. It was a wonderful year for training programmers. I graduated since then so I can’t speak for them anymore, but generally the team does an excellent job of preserving old machines as they are wonderful for outreach.

Hmmm. Define robot. [BINGO!] I’ll leave out BoeBots, Roombas, Summer half-scale games, and other sub-FRC scale and/or COTS robots, but count FRC (and slightly larger) scale robots that we designed and built whether or not they were ever intended to be FRC legal.

From the middle of February to late May 2016, we had four FRC+ scale robots working most of the time:

  • T1GGR, 2016 competition robot
  • R00, 2016 practice robot (built to be FRC legal - a clone of T1GGR)
  • Atlas, 2015 competition robot
  • Ugly Betty, Air Cannon, (Arduino controlled, has two batteries and a scuba tank, possibly overweight as well)

In late May, after we lost most of our build and storage space, we broke Atlas down to an omni kit chassis with drive train but no control board. We may have gotten back up to four briefly last month when we got Peabody’s chassis (2015 practice robot) working as a pneumatically-actuated slide/H drive, and we got Betty working in umbilical (massive tether) mode. In the last two weeks, we have moved one of the roboRIOs (not sure if R00 or Peabody) to control Ugly Betty, as we were having difficulties with the xBee-Arduino interface on Betty.

1058 currently has four operational machines.

Our 2016 competition and practice robots Low Expectations and Lower Expectations. Our demo robots have been the 2014 robot Raider and our Couchbot that is one of the team’s oldest robots from 2003 that uses a Vex control system.

Just a few weekends ago we had all four running on the same day. Two were competing in Maine and the other two were demoing in a neighboring town that sends students to our high school.

And next summer we’ll get 2010 back up and running!

We have our 2015 and 2016 robots fully operational. We also still have and run the 2014 drive base, though the top mechanism has been cannabalised a little… okay maybe a lot.