How many robots have scored Super Cells?

How many teams have done this?
Just trying to get an estimation of how common it is.

Payload Specialists seem to be scoring them more than Robots in most cases.

We scored a Super Cell with our robot in NYC at least once & tried another time but a trailer was too full.
Lessons learned for future competitions… :wink:
For us, it was a lot easier for the Payload Specialist to hand off the Super Cell to our robot who made the score, than just shoot it halfway down the field into a moving trailer.

Have you seen any robots score the Super Cells at your events?

Thunder Chicken scored a couple of super cells at the Midwest regional during the quarter-finals and semi-finals.

I saw 27 try several times at kettering, but I did not see their robot score a supercell (not that it didn’t happen). I did see 2771’s robot score a super cell with their robot in the QF at Kettering. It was literally the last second of the match, they bumped into their opponents trailer and the cell popped out.

We preferred using our human player. He was in the top 4 for accuracy at kettering and made several last second shots. Currently he is more accurate than our robot, but that should change at the next competition. 65 also had a human player that made a ton of clutch shots.

1918 scored a couple in traverse city. but they stopped as soon as we pinned them to the wall. also Rush (27) gave one to the robot and another to the human player. I’ve seen Rush score it a couple of times with the robot. I believe that it depends where the traffic is at the end of the match will determine where you put the super cell in a robot or a easy shot.

20 Managed it during one match at BAE.

Our HP is pretty clutch so we let him shoot the SC’s. At Traverse city he only missed 3. 2 were in the same match because the other alliance saw he had them and they all ran to the other side of the field. He still almost made both, only missed by a few inches or so each time.

I know 20, 27, 217, 1918, 2199, and 2771 have. Likely a number of others as well.

1519 and 58 each got one.

I’d say a little over half of the Wisconsin Regional matches involved a Supercell.

It seems a lot of teams have incorproated some sort of belt reversal / empty cell conversion as a “cop out function” on their robots; something they add in case their manipulator fails or the strategy calls for something different. Robots designed with the empty cell in mind that are quick and mobile, able to convert most or all of them in under a minute, will score themselves a great niche on alliances, especially if the robot can do something with the Supercell once it’s in play.

We saw a few scored at Traverse City…

when did this become legal???

I thought only PS" were able to score SC’s

wow, if i had known this was legal…we could have done alot more at Florida

971’s robot scored one that had been activated by the opposing alliance in the semi-finals at Silicon Valley.

Team 694’s robot scored one at the last second at NYC.

As far as I know it’s always been legal. I’ve seen it happen since week one.

We scored one after the PS missed their shot.

As with any ball, you have to throw it into play, but there’s nothing stopping a robot from picking it up.

man, thats a drag…we could have scored a bunch of them:ahh: lol

we a few… one we just couldn’t quite get lined up in time, and the other fell about 3 inches short… so we tried

team 2194 Fondy Fire scored them like crazy almost every match in the semi finals and finals in Wisconsin regional.

In Chesapeake we saw plenty scored by the HP’s. Especially in the elimination tournament, ACtually, the final was decided by a last second super cell score by the corner HP on 1185 (i think that was their number),

I saw a team attempt to put a SC in their robot one time but by the time they had gotten the robot to the corner and gotten the super cell in it, they were too far away and our of position to use it (The faced into the corner and the HP rolled it out under the station, and then a robot from the other alliance pinned it in that position. The bot then attempted to push the SC back into the HP’s hands so they could shoot it into the pinning bot, but time ran out)

I think that it’s probably better to just let the HP take the shots with the SC rather than wasting all that time trying to get the SC into the bot.