How many rows of ringersdo you think people are going to be able to make

How many rows of ringers do you think people are going to be able to make?

Considering the fact that it is very likely that during one of the matches, there will be 3 ramp bots vs. 2/3 really good placers, I think 8 will happen. :ahh:

Possible, Possible but unlikely because of spoilers that can ruin all of that!!!

I may be wrong… but I don’t think spoilers will have a huge impact. It takes us between 10-15 seconds to place a spoiler and we have a really fast placing mechanism. Plus there will be teams that can successfully block someone from placing a spoiler. Just my prediction though.

Yes That is true… but you considered there are 4 spoilers, 2 on each side that can and probabily be used during the match. Unless you get rid of the spoilers some how they will be used.

During this weekend’s scrimmage, 330 was able to get 8 ringers (with virtually no oponents or assistance) in 2 minutes – a row of 6 crossing a row of 3 for a total of 72 points.

Cool was a practice match or a test of the robot match??

I voted thinking in terms of how many I thought might be scored by an alliance on average. I debated between picking 3 or 4, but I chose 3 because I think that it will be pretty easy to defend against robots trying to score.

This is based off of my observations at the Swamp Scrimmage - which was only 4 robots, mostly focusing on offense (in order to perfect their manipulators) - not necessarily a good representation of what will actually happen at regionals. I do believe that fast, efficient scorers will, in fact, be able to make rows, but will be limited by defensive interference. The one time 1889 played defense against 179 (who was trying to complete a row of 8, btw) - they found it pretty easy to stop them from scoring that last ringer. Also, 179 was the only robot there which made rows of more than 4 along the bottom (around more than 180 degrees of the rack), but then again, no one was interfering.

So, in all honesty, I am not sure. I think we will only get a definitive answer once we watch the first week of regionals. My guess is that in comparison to the Swamp Scrimmage - there will be fewer instances of 4+ ringer rows, and more instances of 2-3 ringer rows, and rows in “square” or “cross” configurations on only one side of the rack. Also, I believe defense will play a greater role than it did at the scrimmage.

Yes… But in one match where we had no center wheel drop and could turn at about 2 RPM (literally) we limited them to 2 (They requested us to play rough defense).

We were the only ones playing defense and we are not a defensive robot, we have a 6 wheel drive with gearing higher than last years kit (50:14 & 42:12, 12.5:1 overall with 6" wheels).

Beachbots will probably increase there skill to 4 a match under heavy defense is my prediction.

But there is another thing to remember, Ramps aren’t as easy as people think. I didn’t see very many (if any) succesful ramp climbs at the socal scrimmage.

It was a practice match at the Sothern California Pre-Ship Scrimmage. We had 21 robots show up. About 15 actually took the field, the rest were watching and working on their robots, which due to the unique facilty, they were able to do at the same time.

I certainly hope that’s true. We can score under heavy defense. Whether we can score where we need to is a different question…

At the Scrimmage there was exactly one match with a robot that lifted two others. It occured during the Finals. 1641’s partners drove onto thier robot lifting platforms and were lifted with about 30 seconds left in the match. It was pretty impressive, until power was cut at the end of the match. At that point the robots rolled right off the lifting platforms, resulting in a score of zero.

So climbing 'bots might want to consider some sort of brake while climbee 'bots might want to consider a bump or lip to help prevent this.

Is this the average or the maximum ever?

If average, I would say 3 or 4.

If maximum, I would say 8. (It will happen at least once)

Yeah 8 is possible I think average would be 3-5 possibly it depends on speed and where people place the ringers.