How Many Seconds Are You Allowing For Your Robot To Climb?

How many seconds do you think your robot needs to reserve in order to climb completely?

This completely depends on climber speed. If the mechanism that will attack onto the bar (or whatever climbing method used) takes a while to line up, add 15-20 seconds, while if you can quickly line up and climb fast, than perhaps add on 10 seconds. Ideally though, since in this game last minute scoring isn’t always going to be a game changer (except for cubes in vault), perhaps leave extra reassurance climb time.

We designed it to require about 3 or 4 seconds to climb, and to be able to hook on to the rung pretty quickly. We’ll see how it works, hopefully this coming week.

I would plan for 15 seconds +/- 5 seonds from the moment you decide to climb but adjust according to how fast you can deploy and climb. Lining up, coordinating with alliances, etc. will make for a tricky time, so some may have to start climbing early. If you have certain climb assist devices (e.g., iron cross), I’d plan to be headed that way pretty near the 30 second mark +/- 5 seconds. But some teams may necessarily go first/early to make room for others.

30 seconds minus however long our partners take to deploy their ramps or lifts we drive on.

Our climber will take roughly a half-second solo and 1-second duo. We plan to be able to line up on the bar in less than 5 seconds. If we are solo climbing we will probably minimally leave 8 seconds to climb and 20 or more for a duo.

Ooh wanna share some deets about how you’re making that happen? Or is it too secret sauce?