How Many Seeding Matches were Played at your Regional?

Can you help fill in the ???

Granite State Regional - Played ??? Total Seeding Matches with 51 Teams
??? Matches per Team

Finger Lakes Regional - Played ??? Total Seeding Matches with 33 Teams
12 Matches per Team

NASA/VCU Regional - Played 83 Total Seeding Matches with 62 Teams
8 Matches per Team

Peachtree Regional - Played ??? Total Seeding Matches with 49 Teams
9 Matches per Team

Sacramento Regional - Played ??? Total Seeding Matches with 37 Teams
11 Matches per Team

12 seeding matches were played by my team (10 Friday and 2 on Saturday) at Rochester from what I hear.

According to the standings at the end of qualification rounds, everyone except one team (who got 9) played 8 matches at VCU.

12 matches each at Rochester and Sacramento. Rochester has 33 teams, I beleive Sacramento has 36.

I believe Granite State had 9 on friday/saturday

Note for Sacramento: We had 37 teams and a few of us played only 11 matches. As much as we would have wanted to play 12, 11 was plenty enough. :wink:

i was happy to only have 2 today…otherwise we wouldnt have had time to re-linearize our linear bearing after we fell and landed on the side railing :(. As for 11 or 12, i think we had 11, not sure though

at Peachtree, there were a total of 72 qualifying matches

Great Lakes Region
I just finished as field manager for The Great Lakes Regional

We managed to get 9 qualifying matches for our 58 Teams.

We planned on 6 minutes a match and managed to finish about 15 minutes late on Friday and about 10 minutes late Saturday morning.

BIG TIME PROPS TO ALL TEAMS FOR THEIR COOPERATION and patience with the nagging of the queing team.

Congrats to all teams, Saturdays rounds were awesome.

Two items from the technical side which helped are:
1.the new field radio stand - no radio transmission faults due to transmitters
2.We changed out the cables for the operator stations every half day.

Scoring system still not perfect, we seemed to get random bells horns and gongs after about 20 matches requiring a field computer reboot.

Huge thanks to the folks from teams 279 and 67 for their help in tearing the field down. The truck was loaded 1.5 hours after awards. We could not have done it without you.

I’ll be at Detroit next week, I’d appreciated any feedback for the next 3 day Marathon.


At Phoenix: 56 qualifying matches for 28 teams = 12 matches per team.

At GLR we had 9 seeding matchs for our team, 78 total (or so) for 58 teams.

Awesome job 1023, you guys put up a hell of a battle.


Thanks, We couldn’t have done it without the help of 322 and 308. Thanks to everyone, again to 308 for taking all those hits for the alliance (and being flipped over atleast 2-3 times.)

St. Louis played 81 matches, 12 per team, 44 teams.

Florida 71 matches 9 per team 48 teams

I think I have at least 30 pounds of 308 parts in my pocket from field clean up.

St. Louis: 11 qualifying matches per team, 44 teams. 8 matches per team on Friday, 3 per team Saturday morning. The pace was very fast, one match every 6.5 minutes or so.

At the Pitt Regionals each team had 10 matches.

30 teams, 50 matches, 10 per team.

At the PNW regional, each team had 10 matches.